Friday, February 6, 2009

American Papist Analysis

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On his famous blog, Thomas Peters writes:

Almost four days after AmP carried the story that Legionaries founder Marcial Maciel fathered a child with his mistress and led a double life, the Legionaries of Christ and its lay component Regnum Christ have updated their websites with this letter from the new Legion superior, Fr. Alvaro, entitled "In the Wake of Painful News." They have also linked to this Zenit article: "Legion Regrets Founder's Conduct - Congregation Apologizes for Scandal".
The pictures [ ] taken from the Legionaries
news page) illustrate the awkward juxtaposition the Legion finds itself in - on the one hand they have barely finished extolling their late founder in days previous, on the other hand they must explain to their members that Maciel was, for lack of a more descriptive term, a scoundrel.
What they have done so far in response, however, is not adequate to the gravity of the situation, regardless of their apparent desire to see it resolved quickly.


Anonymous said...

But you know Exlcblogger, look at the results of your informal poll in the top right - most people think this is not the end of the Legion as such.

I would have thought the result would overwhelmingly be "No, it can't continue".

As an exLC myself, I just don't see how it would be possible. It's like there's some disconnect, or maybe that people don't really understand the role of the founder.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that can save the credibility of the Legion is for the major superiors to resign and for Fr. Alvaro to ask the Holy see to appoint new leadership.

The post before mine gets it because he is a former LC. The RC members, the family and friends- you guys (no offense) have no idea of the gravity of the situation.

Take today- Feb. 6th- Decretum Laudis. Here's how the day went:

Flags at dawn: Marciali- pax vita subditorum amor et salus perpetua: a hymn about MM.

Then Meditation where inevitably everyone chose something from Vol II of Las Cartas de Nuestro Padre.

Then a homily about: MM

Then after a decent breakfast a video composed by david Murray about: MM.

Then before lunch we would read Acta Legionis about? MM

In the Rosary: the intentions were for: MM

Quiete, merienda cena, flags again... all about MM. The instrument of the Holy Spirit thru which Christ founded his Legion and we receive our sanctification. How often were we told that: Christ called us to be holy IN THE LEGION.

You think just expunging the NAME MM will do the trick? A Zenit article and some time for prayer is all we need?

There is a maffia of mexican priests that surrounded MM and enabled his behavior and undoubtedly knew something was wrong and they did NOTHING for decades. Garza, Corcuera, Sada you all need to step down NOW and you need to make every other major superior resign.

Maybe then you can weather the storm. But MM is too much in your blood- and his secret methods and his world of halftruths is all you know. For this reason you will implode.

-a former superior

Anonymous said...

Do you all know the story about MM's tomb in Rome?

It was already designed by him with the intention of, upon his canonization, being accessible from the main church and ready for a place of pilgrimage.

It was a semi-circular niche under the main altar to be covered in the same gold/beige tiles found in the CES chapel around the tabernacle. In the middle a large cross and on the tomb, a freestanding marble sarcaphogus, the words "Ego sum via veritage et vita".

Maybe MM thought those words were about himself....

Anyway- Rome wouldn't give the construction permit so MM had the LC reapply under the falsehood of building underground parking. Rome agreed as you all remember the parking nightmare on Via Aurelia and how small the Guadalupe church's parking lot was.

So they constructed it, dug under the foundation, even built fake car ramps to throw off the city inspectors (though those ramps would never really be used- it was just a lie).

And across from his tomb a mausaleum type structre- graves shelves if you will- 10 across by 6 high where the VIP cofunders would all be buried along with him.

Ah yes... the life of MM. All show, all facade, all glamour and praise for him the great fraud of our lives.

I wonder if they will fill that crypt up now- or really just park cars. Maybe they can bury his whores there? Or the crushed faith and brusied souls of those he molested.

Money well spent MM! Just like the money you spent on your whores. And the hush money for the children. And the money for the lawyers, publicists, investigators, cars, jets, concord tickets, heliocopters... maybe you rape the pocketbooks of more Americans to build your museum shrine in Cotija?

Ah yes... what will happen to the Legion? Will the benefactors get their money back? Will the victims get their lives back? Will the former members get their souls back? Will the current members get their minds back?

-a former superior

Anonymous said...

Ho. Ly. Crap. I knew about the tomb, but the deception of parking?!?! Fake ramps?!?!

I'm sorry, but I know and am tangentially involved with other orders (CFRs, Sisters of Life, e.g.) and stuff like this isn't even in their realm of thinking.

But, that's the point, isn't it?
It's all gotta go. All of it.

*shakes head*

Anonymous said...

-a former superior,

The funny part is, all the "Hardcore" RC members think people like us don't understand the whats going on. They see us as the ones who are criticizing RC/LC because we don't get it's roots. MM's tactics truly worked on them and they cannot come to terms with their own denial.

I think you had to be with it 24/7 for a few years to truly get it. We can look back and see it was all MM this and MM that every day of our lives, they don't understand that.

People who still think MM is legitimate are only the impulsive types. These are the same people who buy things off those late night infomercials. For Example some slick salesman on TV tells them they can buy a "secret cream" to rub on their stomach to loose 30 pounds. They're all like WOW!! and they buy 5 bottles of it.

An impulsive person doesn't buy something because they like or even need the product. They buy something because the person who presents it does a great job of making it sound like they need it.

MM was no more then an excellent salesman. He should have been selling used cars and not Church movements!

We know MM made a living off donations, The donation money he made off his product is what a salesman would call their commissions.

RC sales cycle would start by incorporation, then once someone was truly integrated, they would start asking you for money.(This is obviously why the targeted the rich.) So in our generosity to the movement which must be God's will because MM told us so, we would pay his commissions.

Just like any Salesman MM had to start in the field(This meaning he was the one personally going around asking individuals for money.) As any salesman knows business to business, door to door, or any type of cold call sales to make ends meet is not easy, nor very fun. MM doesnt want to be but a door to door beggar his whole life, does he?..hhmmmm of course not!! So what does MM do? Well we know the rest. He builds up the LC priests to do his dirty work and merely tells them their getting their hands dirty for Christ. As innocent young boys who have a vocation to the Holy priesthood they see this as an awesome opportunity to get out their and do God's will. Let them go get their hands dirty for Christ!(The owner of a company never does the dirty work so why would MM?).It was an ingenious plan from a business point of view because getting priests who take a vow of poverty means he doesn't have to put his workers on a payroll!!. The movement continued to grow and grow and MM's money began trickling in faster and faster. LCS all over the world were huffing and puffing to recruit members and fund raise for the good of the Church. Meanwhile good ole MM is sitting back taking his fat share of commissions from his hard working fundraisers who don't get their cut because of their vow of poverty.(The priests don't want any money because they are truly doing it for Christ, so they are happy and MM is happy, Perfect!!!Everyone's so Happy, that's why their always smiling!!:) Wow MM made 100% commissions for someone who did no work!!!Well I shouldn't say 100% commissions only because he did have to build centers, churches, and schools so people wouldn't get suspicious. Also can you imagine all the tax breaks he got! Remember people the LC's are legally "LC INCORPORATED" a non profit organization.

From a business point of view he was as clever as the Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Carlos Slims... Oh wait he was with good friends with Carlos Slim, but no need to keep reiterating my point. He saw an opportunity noone had capitalized on and he took that opportunity.(Then again anyone who has the least of a conscience couldn't fraud the Church and Christ Priesthood like he did, so maybe other thought about doing things like this in the past but noone was sick enough to do it.) I'm kicking myself now because the one time I met him in person we had some superficial conversation about the Blessed Mother, when I should have been getting his opinion on Wall Street!! oh well we all make mistakes.

All this being said.

The Blue colored LC priests are authentic and legitimate they'll all continue to have Gods Blessing.

RC members are great people. True devout Catholics who truly care about Mother Church.

The actually RC movement... well.. hmmm lets just say. The methodology clearly points to a money making Machine, just like the Amway pyramid scheme.(Some of you may know the Pyramid scheme, its an illegal and unethical business model were the people on the low end of the pyramid do all the hard work and the people at the top recieve all the rewards.)I say this because in RC/LC its all about recruiting.. Recruit, recruit, recruit!!!!

LC's have goals just as a salesman in any business have. MM may say ok Fr. X your goal is to get 10 kids to the apostolic school this year(plus numbers on all the other apostolates like ECYD, Conquest, etc.) Who the hell puts a quota on a soul! LOL!! A true salesman does, thats who! Sell Sell Sell and sell again! 110% boys and girls get those hands dirty for Christ!! But as you know the LC's referred to it as recruitment not sales. ooops I mean um umm aa... People openly choose to join RC because they prayed about it and they love the spirituality of the founder. yes yes that's why. So I guess in this case God revealed it to MM their are 12 kids in Texas with Apostolic school vocations. You better put a priest their who's going to get me 10 or else....Come on its more like cha ching for MM's bank account. 10 more clients and maybe, just maybe they have rich relatives they can recruit!!!

For Example you go on the YTM mission to profess the faith door to door and that is fruitful from a personal stance. "Wow I got this guy to come back to Church, I love RC they help me live my life of catholocism" you may say or hear this from another(and I'm not denying that RC apostolates are fruitful but the means to the end of all RC/LC activities is recruiting.) From MM's business stance, he wants you on the alter at the final mass getting that Cross and Incorporation card!!(Congratulations to all those who do join!!you just joined the lowest end of the Pyramid scheme. Now lets climb the ladder. Get those apostolates going boys and girls we need you getting your hands dirty for Christ. But because we are not confused like MM we truly like doing the work for Christ. Cha Ching goes MM's bank account!!!! yes yes MM is saying All these people bring money to me and I don't have to pay them one dime.. or peso, or monopoly money even!! Now Were happy because we are helping the Church, The LC priests are happy because they are living their vocations, MM is happy because he just bought a new Villa in Spain with the money we made him. So the final question.... Is God happy? Is this the way God wants us bringing Him souls? Can A good come out of Evil? Jesus says A bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

Did any good come from the movement, of course!! Good people and Priests. However, most RC members hesitate to research the negative effects RC had on many people. I don't hold that against you because MM trained you all to "unless you see the evil don't believe it" So before you blindly move forward into this dilema, I recommend do a little research. If you choose not to research, your choice. But what if? just What if MM had a second agenda with his second life style!! oh noo! :(

When things get a little shady is when you get into the Higher ups of the LC's, the superiors and those who we never question. We can go to our local communities in Dallas, Chicago, Baltimore, etc, etc and see the Blue colored LC's working their butts off. But what is the Fr. Alvaro clan doing right now. SHHHHHHHH. huh? oh sorry I forgot never ever ever ask what he may be doing... I'm sorry It's been a few years since I was involved in this stuff I'm a tad rusty. Well in that case he must be doing God's will right? I mean we never questioned MM and he's a saint now right? WHAT!!! he has kids!! Double life!!!bummer... well Fr Alvaro isn't like that so we can trust him...Father Alvaro is so pure and holy... (Lets face it there's no way MM could have lived a double life and noone knew about it.. come on.. NOONE?!??!) So know back to reality... Lets reconstruct, get rid of all these guys at the top and start over. Just like Obama says.."we need change"!!!!

Bottom line is, always get both sides of the story before you guarantee one is right. Assuming MM was right is what got us all into this mess.

God Bless you all.

PS: Not to be rude, but please stop calling MM "Nuestro Padre". His real kids wouldn't want you calling him daddy would they?

Anonymous said...

Let's recall some of the rules of the Legion...

Never ask a superior a curious question. What is that on your desk, Father? Where did you go, Father? Not permitted.

Have edifying conversations. If they are not edifying, tell your superior. (How many times did you FINALLY get to quiete only to be trapped by Br. X who wants to talk about MM boyhood years in Tlalpan...ugh. If you asked: who's in the superbowl? you were "too American" or "not edifying").

-go to confession with your superior. Who is also your rector and spiritual director.

-A don't talk to section B. Novices don't talk to juniors. Juniors don't talk to PC's. No one talk to the priests. It was like my family at Thanksgiving- all under the same roof but no one talks to each other.

-Edited newspapers. Read mail. Screened calls. Spliced news segments. Outside information was not allowed.

When you add all this together... what do you get? MIND GAMES. Where's Fr. Maciel going? Don't ask that. Hmmm, hey brothers did you ever notice MM disappears for a long time? Tattle tales: Fr. Alvaro, Br. Benjamin is talking about MM in an unedifying way... BAM off you go to Chile. Bless me father for I have sinned I noticed this things about MM when paying bills or preparing his meals...BAM off you go to Brazil. In Spiritual Direction: Fr. Rector I noticed that MM makes a lot of phone calls to a woman in Spain...BAM no longer a receptionist.

Mind games. Complete control. Just sing your songs about MM, raise his flag, read his letters, but don't ask questions.

Asi fue, hermanos. This is how it was. And still is. How do I know? Because I was, after all

-a former superior

Anonymous said...

Oh but former superior!! he was only human, can't you cut him some slack? there are so many good good brothers and priests doing so much good! They helped my family a lot!

I know you used to sit in the back and mark the brothers off as they went to confession, to report to your superior who went that week, and who did not, even though there is no record of MM ever having gone, ever. But he wasn't on any list, so you can't hold that against him, right?

And he could still be a channel of His grace and light, through that dolatid haze, after a few Black Labels, his letters could still be so enlightening, right? It's like Christ was speaking right to me through him, he did so much good for my vocation, he showed me the way to get people's confidence and surrender to him. So much good.

It explains why he was such a mean fucker, all the time, making fun of fathers and brothers, railing against Jesuits or Cardinals as "enemigos de la Iglesia". And once he started on that theme, just grab your helmets boys, it's gonna be a long night. Once Fr Sada got mugged in Mexico, he had a black eye; MM called him in to a private dinner we were having so we could all have a look, and a laugh. What a dope.

Ooh, such charity he left us. And always right in step with the Church, because his nose was up their ass. That was his M.O., fool them with orthodoxy, and nothing else will matter.

And now you want to just pass over, as if nothing happened. Well, I figure the Vatican is trying to sort out how the approvals all got rammed through so fast - the urgency of the times you know, the masons/communists/liberals/protestants/media/bishops/flaccid catholics out to get us, the sectas in Mexico and south america making so much progress so quickly, the LC must be the answer, doesn't matter if we verify, just push it through.

Anonymous said...

a former superior,

Please post your comments where people can see them, such as the American Papist blog.