Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jay Dunlap Apology

Saturday, 07 February 2009

My Apology
March 25, 1998, the Feast of the Annunciation, I was hired to be the first communications director for the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi movement in North America. The premise of the job was to help respond to the furor caused by the publication in February, 1997, of a series of articles in the Hartford Courant and later in the National Catholic Reporter detailing allegations of sexual abuse against the organization’s founder, Father Marcial Maciel.

When I came aboard, the Legion had prepared a 32-page executive summary which it had distributed throughout the church hierarchy, especially to bishops, making the case for Father Maciel’s innocence. Suffice it to say that, while there always remained some holes in the argument, there seemed to be adequate evidence to support these claims.

It is now clear that Father Maciel did in fact abuse his power and abuse young people in his charge. I personally apologize to his victims and to anyone who was misinformed by statements I made, in this forum and in others. How awful for victims to be taken from their families as children, suffer such abuse, and then to be disbelieved!

There are thousands of additional victims in this sad tale. The good Legionary priests who honestly strive to serve the Church and many Regnum Christi members who join them have all suffered betrayal. As Christ himself showed us, betrayal leads straight to the cross.

Last month, Cardinal Franc Rode, prefect of the Vatican office that oversees religious congregations like the Legionaries, appeared in several Latin American countries encouraging Legionaries and Regnum Christi members to carry on their service to the Church. He did so fully aware of what Father Maciel had done and what the Legionary leadership was doing in response.

The Holy See has the extremely difficult task of trying to keep numerous Legionary institutions from collapsing: a dozen universities, several seminaries, well over a hundred schools, missionary and humanitarian outreach to the poor in several countries, and many faith formation programs for children and adults. The survival of these institutions and the good work they have done depends now upon the sustenance of the Holy Spirit, if the organization can be purged of any elements of the culture of deception which enabled Father Maciel to get away with so much for so long. That purging appears to be underway.

For my personal failings in this horrid series of events, I ask forgiveness.

Jay Dunlap



Anonymous said...

It looks like the first real apology to recognize the truth.

Anonymous said...

This really upsets me. First of all just apologizing for something of this degree is NOT enough.

If they are REALLY sorry then they would do everything possible to make it up to the victims financially and emotionally.

Why are they worrying so much about those schools? They seem to worry more about keeping their "goods" than helping the victims. Aren't those school just for rich Catholic anyway? Why not sell them and give the money to the victims and to poorer countries to build schools?

Also the foundation of this order is corrupt as the founder himself was corrupt. Why not have the LC priest just become diocesan priests or give them the option of joining another order?

Also, if only an apology is all they will give and we accept it, then I don't think ANYTHING will change. Honestly some SERIOUS action should be taken against them. If this were a secular business they would be OUT OF BUSINESS permanently for stuff like this and sued like nobodies business.

It's not about just forgiveness... it's about REALLY fixing problem. This stuff was covered up and hidden and then NOT believed because of a LAX reaction to these things. Meanwhile lives have been RUINED.

Anonymous said...

The Legion has a new apostolate.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Richard Gill's reaction:

Anonymous said...

Mama Marita was a whore. I can't believe they made us venerate that wench. I feel grimmie now.

Anonymous said...

Mama Maurita grew up in a very chaotic epoch of Mexican history. Yeah, I know that I got deprived of women,beer and MNF for a decade because of her perverted son,but as a gringo, I did get to hang with some damn beautiful Mexican women.
I am goin cut his Mom slack. The slimeball in my opinion is hacketman Dunlap, who is only sorry for getting caught.

Pete Vere, JCL said...

No, Jay Dunlap is sorry. I can tell this from the tone of his apology, our conversation yesterday, and how they contrast with our forceful conversations four years ago when he was still spokesman for the Legion and I had spoken at a ReGAIN conference.

This time it was no excuses, a forthright apology, and I can tell from the tone of his voice that he had truly believed Fr. Maciel innocent. I can sympathize, having myself believed in the innocence of someone who turned out to be guilty.

Having said that, we have won the battle over Fr. Maciel - while the seminarians who brought forward the original allegations (which I believe) may not have been vindicated formally, it is now established that Fr. Maciel had serious sexual vice, and it is increasingly being accepted by those inside the Legion that Fr. Macial likely instituted many of the Legion's practices to protect himself as an abuser.

I still believe victims are owed at least an apology once this is over, but right now we should be pushing the Legion rank-and-file to demand reform and transparency.

Anonymous said...

Indeed this is a very difficult time for all of us. However I truly believe that the LC/RC are a gift of God.
So we must help those in charge make the changes that surely are needed and get on with the great work that MANY LC and RC members (how have done no wrong)are carrying out around the world. Let pray for them!

Anonymous said...

Now the Vatican is holding a special inquiry. Something tells me this will be a white wash. They didn't sack anyone major when it came to all the pedophiles in the Catholic church in the USA. They simply moved the offending priest to another parish to cover it up. Please read the book Fallen Order by Karen Liebreich and you will realize that the Catholic church has been doing the same thing for centuries.

The pope apologized to the victims in the US, but without an outside investigation we will never know the magnitude of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that money seems to be the first thing comes up in these issues?

Its clear that this is simply a treasure hunt for the most money that can be extorted.

Bad things happen. Get over it.

mike said...

First off, lets trust that God is giving Father Maciel his just desserts. No excuses, he was a taker and any institutions he set up are suspect.

Second, with all you whining liberal anti-Catholic critics, get a life and face reality.
Now I agree, each priest that abused a child should be kicked out or sent to a monastery. But its funny how opinions are molded by the press/lawyers.
How many of you agree that the church should be sued for the abuses going back 40 years?
Now would it surprise you to know that the % of priests that do this is less than the % of teachers that do this? So, just looking at the facts, not the emotions, your kids are still safer with a priest than with a teacher.
So where does the difference lie?
Most public/private schools sweep this under the rug with little than some local news.
Also, would it surprise you to know that cases of this type that occur in the public schools must be filed within 12-24 months of the crime. So the all caring legislators have effectively canceled out most of the lawsuits. See the difference? They permit someone claiming a crime 30 yrs ago against a priest but if it were a public school teacher, there would be no case due to stature of limitations and no lawyers unless there is a deep pocket payday.
Each crime is unspeakable and the perp should not walk free. But see how the state, protects itself from most $$$ liability. Think I'm telling a fib? NY State has a bill before it to wave the statute of limitations for 1 yr to permit filing of lawsuits for "old cases" with the exception that it would not apply to Public schools or public institutions. Tell me again that I have my facts wrong.

Anonymous said...

Christ is truth and He always reveals it. I do agree that RC and LC are God sent as they do help build and strengthen the kingdom.