Thursday, February 5, 2009

Will They Survive? Ask Gloria and Jesus.

(not for the religiously sensitive)


Anonymous said...

So they will not renounce the founder. Hug that millstone tightly boys!

This means they will obstruct any inquiries unless the Pope does it himself, and even then...

Now the ball is in the Vatican's court. How will they handle this stridently unapologetic leadership trying to spin itself as the victim?

Hopefully it will be with a bulldozer.

I mean, your founder sat in a synod of bishops addressing them on priestly formation in 1997, while having a wife and daughter on the side.

Timothy Mulligan said...

I came here for honest, sober assessment of the Maciel situation. I'm a traditional Catholic who believes the Legionaries are a cult. What do I find? A video that mocks Christ. Thank God I didn't watch it.

You're not helping your cause, folks. Get this garbage off your site.