Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Swan Song


Anonymous said...

Every memory I have of interaction with him just has whole new levels of creepy.

When in Thornwood at the 3 hour merienda cena we had nightly (for the Kingdom), when he sang, "La Cucaracha" por que no tenia marijuana para fumar, I didn't know it was autobiographical.

I think of him forcing all those members to live a life he didn't share in the least, and running around saying poenitentia mea maxima vita communis. So funny now. He was just some creepy old dude.

And giving conferences about how to keep your chastity while on apostolate, and about how the conscience is so strong and how it affects you. lol. He just had balls the size of churchbells to be telling religious how to live their lives.

Who knew what and when? Man, have they sent out the memo that reminds LC's of our document retention policy yet, lol? Does anyone else hear the shredders working overtime at the direccion general?

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, haven't you people read that excellent book, Founders?

See, stuff like this always happens to founders, people say things about them, make up stuff designed by a conspiracy to hit them the hardest at the time when they can no longer defend themselves.

Oh snap, wait a minute. What's that you say, the Legion itself is saying it's true?

oh, well then, I guess Fr Langan needs to publish something else. Or hacer hacer someone else to publish something else...

Anonymous said...

There are two things the LC needs to do in order to be considered credible and legitimate:

1. Every major superior needs to resign his post immediately- especially Corcuera, Garza and Sada. All the Terr Directors need to resign.

2. Corcuera should go to the Congregation of Religios life and ask the Holy See to appoint new leadership- from within or even outside of the Legion.

You do that- I will give you respect, credit, support and even forgiveness and understanding.

But if you superiors in your superiors cars and superiors merienda and superiors first class flight for a superiors conference- if you group of, in my opinion CO-CONSPIRATORS stay on in your cushy jobs snapping fingers and barking orders, then you should indeed be rejected as an unholy organization.

Too many people we TOO close to MM for TOO many years to not know SOMETHING was up. And to defend and defend and hire PR firms and law firms and Private Investigators and now say "we had no idea"- I say to you BULLSHIT. You pack of liars- you den of thieves.

I will NEVER forget- NEVER forget Directives in Cheshire in 1997 when Luis Garza came in to the auditorium to talk about the allegations and the harshness with shich he addressed us and warned us- you are NOT to talk about this, you are NOT to write about this. He took a truth and turned it into fear. And that is what they are doing again.

Shine some light on the LC inside and out. MM loved big, light filled halls and yet they are the darkest rooms I've ever known.

Resign. All of you. Resign. And let the Church begin anew in you. But if you stay on, if you try to spin this and talk about suffering and the cross- I say the hell with you all.

-a former superior

p said...

here here.

For once, for the Love of God, admit what you have done, cleanly, without regard for consequences, and resign.

Help transition those who want to leave, sell your assets and help them, but resign.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see this quote from Fr. Paolo Scarafoni?

"there is much gratitude. Our gratitude to him remains very strong because we have received so much that is good from him. This is something we cannot and will not deny."

Fr. Paolo... what the fuck? Do you guys get nothing? Gratitude? For the lies? For the hypocracy? For the embezzeled money? For the fraud? Or maybe for the more-than-likely-given-the-recent-facts child molestation?

Damnit you guys don't get it. You think it's just some sort of purification that will pass by? You think this is some temptation byt he devil who brought you to the mountain top? You think this is an opportunity for spiritual growth and sanctification?

Kool-aid anyone?

You are...toast. You are- your whole organization has been depantsed before the world. You are corrupt and fradulent from within. And this mexican maffia of the select few who enabled this pedophile, sex maniac narcisist to romp around the world have blood on your hands.

This is not a time to circle the wagons and do damage control. But that is what you will do- that is all you know how to do because you are all equally duped and equally cloned as little soldiers of the god-king NUESTRO PADRE.

Shame on you all. Not one apology has been issued. Cardinal Law would be proud.

The new person-to-person methodology of the 21st century LC: I fuck you, you get pregnant, I beg from him, he funnels to them, they pay you, you shut up, I move on. Repeat.

I'm more disgusted every minute. Cheshire should go up in flames like the Bastille. It is a symbol of what is unholy- a bastard child of an evil man. You be proud, legionaries. The rest of us are too sick. Go ahead- ask us for our sons and our wallets. And see if you don't get bile instead.

Shame on you all. Corcuera, Garza, Sada- shame on you. You sick brainwashed bastards.

-that same former superior who is pissed off and full of fury and SO glad he left before this pot of shit soup came to a boil

Anonymous said...

I agree with former superior. They either knew or they should have known. They fell asleep at the wheel, and the bus (three tones of green) crashed. The brothers and priests who have any desire to continue deserve better than them. They perpetuate a culture of secrecy and favoritism that MM created.

Anonymous said...

Okay, bring on the spot light, shine it in every LC nook and cranny.You're going to discover hundreds of devout, dedicated men, men who need our prayers, not our irate judgement.

Former superior, didn't you once call these men brothers, try to find the higher moral ground here.

The guy who thinks Chesire should go up in flames like Bastille? Chill out, call your therapist.

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of devout men who are being used as shield against any inquiry whatsoever, who are not getting the whole picture, who are being denied any solid ground on which to make decisions about their life and their relationship with God, and are now being told "just keep your heads down, don't speak to anyone about this, and we'll keep living as if nothing happened." They are being used by the leadership and fed only what the leadership wants them to know.

What about justice?

The Vatican needs to make sure they have all gotten the full story, unbiased with no spin.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against the men of the Legion- I see them as victims and I do indeed pray for them because only God knows what they are thinking throughout the day.

As for calling my therapist- this is therapy. And it works.

But the last comment was the truest- these guys are being used as shields. And while Corcuera goes on his PR world tour 2009 and tells us to look at the cross and embrace suffering... he is deflecting a very real, very urgent, very truthful need for JUSTICE.

It is UNJUST what is going on- and telling the men of the Legion to "think about Christ" is a total brainwash manipulation. Christ is not a lie and a fraud. And MM is. And everything he built is now tainted with his lies.

So don't throw your anger at me or any of us former LCs who speak truth to power in blatanat, blunt and bold words. For 9 years we were told every bullshit thing was "God's will" when it turns out it was the whim of a deranged narcisist.

Validate my rage and anger- don't deflect it and please don't tell me it's the devil or sinful or, to use an Obama word "a distraction". Every attempt to dismiss this dismisses a need for justice and truth.

I for one will always call the legion out on it.

-a former superior

x3GF said...

Former superior,

I know what you are saying. I was in the 3GF for 6 years. I know personally the men you speak about and the founder consecrated me.

We were told less and I put much of the razzmataz to the unfamiliar Mexican/American culture. I mostly got over cringing over the years. But we did not THINK. We were taught not to think. Not to question, not to be curious.

I left the Movement entirely a few years later.

I wonder how those I've left behind will pull through these immediate weeks and months.It is a most, most dreadful martyrdom. I pray for them. And us. Pray Almighty God be merciful.