Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tales Out of School

1. In at least one LC school, the Legionary told the children: "Fr Maciel was ill, and that he did those things because of a brain surgery he had, he was not OK."

2. Fr Angel Espinoza de los Monteros, said in his message that "He remained grateful and that he had never received a bad example from the Founder."

3. Some Legionaries are saying "the media is just out to destroy us."

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Well, Fr. Angel, if you never got a bad example from Maciel, you certainly have a few now to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Maciel installed paranoia in his followers as well. He and the Legion have many enemies - Jews, Communists, and above all - the evil Jesuits. The real enemy is Satan of course, using all these different tools to destroy God's work and Legionaries must fight to save it at all costs - including lying, covering up, etc.
Just another part of the lovely 'charism'

Pete Vere said...

Just come clean and admit the truth. In attempting to justify or explain away the situation, the LC/RC is simply confirming the suspicions toward them felt by the rest of us. This is why they need someone from outside the order to come in an oversee reform.

Jeannette said...

For anyone who still doubts that this is a cult;
reread 1)

The sad thing is, these revelations are not surprising to anyone outside the LC cult; maybe that's why the MSM isn't covering it. "Marcial Maciel Couldn't Keep His Pants Zipped Up"? Didn't the whole world already know that?


Anonymous said...

F. Angel Espinoza is yet feeding spiritually and phisically from the Legion. He doesn't have any personal judgment. I'm judging his view right now. I don't apologize because I was there, and I'd love to front him, even knowing that I won't get him to accept anything I say. Even then, eventually he'll open the eyes, and probably it will be too late.
Can you imagines these legionaries guys having an daily hour of meditation, trying to find ways to apologize, to understand, to process these events? That must be a pain in the ass. Mercy on them. I'll personally take a nap instead of trying to apologize Marcial, but I will certainly bust my butt trying to find a way to make justice, to bring light to this darkness. I will cherish if somebody leaves their daily meditation and writes a letter to family members, to friends, to church superiors or has the gut to expose his treason to each other. I wonder if legionaries are at freedom of discussing these between each other.