Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Must Must Must Read

From OSV:
I asked Legion of Christ Father Thomas Williams, an American who has held various leadership positions in Rome for his order, including as dean of theology for its pontifical university, to comment on the future direction of the Legion in the wake of its recent admission of unspecified failings on the part of its founder, Father Marcial Maciel.

Click here for the amazing answers.

His portrait is coming down!


Anonymous said...

John Norton is Regnum Christi, and son of RC mother. He worked for Vatican Communications. Nephew of former LC priest, Marty Pollock.

giselle said...

He claims otherwise on that story: "If I were a member of Regnum Christi, I would certainly have disclosed it. I am not, nor am I a member of any other ecclesial movement except my Catholic parish."

Anonymous said...

Hmm! Very interesting to say the least. Here is a founder who has been witnessed of shouting to four winds has he never said no to God in letters and speeches. Secondly, a former C.F.O of the congregation states he personally gave specified amounts of currency without making any record of it. Thirdly, the congregation is running head over heels
to tear down the hallowed founder's portrait probally to be found later on a Ebay. All the while this happening, the leadership team (if you can call it that) has no desire or willingness to issue an apology at this time.
I see some possible legal requests for internal documents flying in the wind because it soo difficult to get a straight answer from these people. My sincerest and honest opinion for the Legion is to run head over heels to officemax and get as many paper shrewders as they pray to get their hands on. Oh while you are buying,throw in a copy of Manford man version of Springsteen's "Blinded by the Light".
Wasn't the BOSS the greatest during superbowl halftime. Come on he started everything perfectly with the "tenth avenue freeze out", he spitted at microphone, he slammed his crotch into the camera (by the way many lady friends were pleased to have that comin them in HDtv). I am giving the curious brother who has unauthorized access to the internet a idea of the greatness of American culture you being censored from seeing. The Boss Rules! Paters and Fraters don't forget the paper shrewers. They can be your best friend! Pax

Anonymous said...

Hey, try not to drool so much on the end of it.

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering. This is from their 1st General Chapter:
"469. Since it has been ordained by God that the person and life or Our Father Founder cannot be separated from the life and spirituality of the Legion, we the Chapter Fathers recognize the necessity to carefully gather and conserve all material dealing with the person, life, work and word of Our Founder."

Does this mean they will "carefully gather and conserve" his lover and daughter?

Anonymous said...

Great question! With all due respect to his family, in a worse case financial scenerio, I'd probably get a bad ass attorney and sue the dirty liI' bastard and his estate. I guess it all will depend on the Ms and the family. I wish them only the best in these challenging times.

BlackVelvet said...

To Anonymous regarding your first comment here: If your mother belongs to a bridge club, does that mean you do as well?
John Norton is a longtime personal friend and a man of great integrity. If he says he has never been a member of RC, then he has never been a member.

You might want to think about a bad ass atty yourself.

Anonymous said...

I have doubts about the system. I have seen innocent people sent to prison albiet the difference between the judge's wife giving her "honor" a huga and kissa before going to work or the Mrs throws a tea cup at her "honor" and calling him an S.O.B. Sad to say the system is very arbitrary. Hiring a bad ass attorney might not be best solution to getting justice. From what I have heard coming from Mexico with regards the outcome of the lawsuit against the Legion had nothing to do with the judge making her mind, free of any interference in Mexico City. Rather the west coast cocaine cartels whose financial interests are connected to the Legion are taking a major ass whippin'. Personally, I think this is all connected to what is going on with the present sitiutation. Why? Take a lesson from "The Godfather" as Tom Hagan says, "whoever controls the flow of the white stuff is going to be able control labor syndicates. In the light of N.A.F.T.A that means whoever controls or influences the unions be it in USA,Chile, Mexico or Canada can dictate what gets built, for how much, who builds it or in this case who prints it. BV, it is a scary world we live in and I wish no evil upon anybody, the world is tough enough as it is. Yet if the Ms in question wants to hire an (bad ass)attorney she is entitled to do what is best for her and her family.
As for you Black Velvet you don't talk about my mother (God rest her soul) or her bridge group in that way or anyone's mother for that matter. The comment that I made was in response to the general chapter question not Mr Norton personally. You want to talk to me face to face about this look up
Tom Weissenburger in Wichita,Ks Why hell if we get lucky I throw in a bottle of Black Velvet! Take Care!
P.S. The scene that I am refering to in The Godfather is right after that Hollywood bigshot's horse head (Khartom) is found in his bed as he awakes in the morning. Check it out!