Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A total hoot!

This website is a total hoot!!!
Catholic Comments

And this poem is just precious.
Sliney makes Halmark sound like Keats.

An Ode to Men

Last Post Date: 2008-02-05

The daily grind is what men do best,
An early rise, no time to rest.
They battle traffic and pound out deals,
They often work during meals.

The work day is longer than before,
If they don’t produce, their boss will roar.
Day after day, getting it done,
So many headaches, so little fun!

They know their “real” job is at home,
And this is the point of this poem.
They love their kids and their wives,
THIS is what fulfills their lives!

My dad’s eyes and mine would often meet,
His deep love for mom could not be beat.
His calming presence at the table…
This was SO real, and not a fable.

He taught me how to wash a car,
To work the grill and make a par.
His person has rubbed off on me,
And all of this without a fee.

So thank you, dad, and thank you men,
For stepping up again and again.
Your wives and kids really need you,
So be authentic, genuine and true!

To do all this, you need God’s grace,
Make time for him, slow down the pace.
Confession, Mass, and daily prayer,
He needs to see how much you care!

May God bless you,

Fr. Michael Sliney, LC

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Anonymous said...

His deep love could not be beat?!

oh man, that is awesome. Are you sure one of his ECYD kids didn't write that? One of the differently abled ones? Oh that's write, they're not called to work with anyone but the ubermensch. I forgot.

Great poem Slimey!

Anonymous said...

Don't be a dick. Poetry's a personal thing - you're off base on this one.

Anonymous said...

you put the sh*t on line, it ain't personal no more

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:34: My point is that it's one thing to criticize legitimate problems with the Legion/RC. It's quite another to be a troll.

Exlcblogger said...

My thoughts, your comments is the only stated goal of this website.

Nowhere do I profess to "criticize legitimate problems with the Legion/RC.

Exlcblogger said...

PS, I thought the illustration of the troll was more proper than putting up one of a dick, even if it is a bit more expressive!

Anonymous said...

"My thoughts, your comments is the only stated goal of this website."

By that justification, you can level personal attacks, unsubstantiated claims, or outright lies without taking any responsibility for their content.
As a longtime reader, I'd say 90% of what you post has merit. This post however, is just childish trolling.