Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Comments on a youtube

The following are comments posted on youtube on a news item that was covered here some time ago--the local Connecticut news story concerning abuse in the LC seminary.

If I may speak, charges have not been corroborated... YET. I have never been in relationship with the Legion except to go onto retreats where they attempted to recruit me. I can assure you, though. I know of numerous individuals, all under the age of 28, who relate stories shockingly similar to one another in detail (threats, abuse etc.(, yet they know of noone else's story but their own. Often it takes years to come to grips with this type of abuse. I assure you, it will come out.(cont'd)


Each of the individuals I personally know, are very afraid to say anything, on top of struggling to make sense of the abuse, as well as the silence imposed on them from every direction. It's a closed community, where members are encouraged to report on one another. Nothing can be said internally without some form of disciplinary action being taken, if the comments shed negative light on the community. I could tell you stories. You won't like them.

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