Saturday, August 9, 2008

Exlcblogger is Amazed and Scandalized!

From a comment by Anonymous on Fish in a Barrel:

We saw situations where the kids from Conquest and Challenge were sent, that were artificially constructed (without the kids knowledge) so they would be guaranteed to succeed. For instance, we were offered money by a benefactor to listen to a Conquest presentation and then make a donation of the benefactors money, but from our checking account. Thereby the kids believing that they had made another successful presentation. This is called "formation".

Wow! And ouch!


Anonymous said...

Why is it the Archbishop of Baltimore is having problems with them again? What was it he was saying about more "transparency?" He must have misunderstood. . . .

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to new problems? or new instances of old problems? can you elaborate?