Monday, August 11, 2008

These guys....!

Legionaries of Christ Visitor Comments

"It is all true! The legion is deceptive, manipulative, secretive and militant in their execution. I lived it for FIVE years. I was a consecrated member in the Regnum Christi female section, "3GF" otherwise known as "el tercer grado." After leaving I felt used and guilty, but another ex-member visited me and said she felt the same. I have recently started talking about my experience with a psychologist and have come to terms with the church.My life is on track again and so I am very happy."

"I spent nine years with the Legion and was treated well until the final year. Then I was given 24 hours to pack my bags. Not a word of thanks or a hand shake. I've heard nothing, but bad news. The Legion seems to be a whole different organization from the outside. Good luck in your work."

"Thank you for the information on your site regarding the Legionaries of Christ [LOC]. One of my daughters is now in the 'movement.' She and my younger daughter were both targeted and recruited while at college. They were attending 'retreats' for Catholic students and very friendly recruiters encouraged them to join. They were given a 'spiritual director' (lay person), which is not in accordance with church general policy. My elder daughter was very out going, friendly and the light of our family, but idealistic and vulnerable. After becoming involved with LOC though, she became secretive, non communicative, filled with negative self images and very driven toward religiosity. She then had to see if she 'had a vocation' and spent three years with this 'spiritual direction' while at college and later two years of indoctrination with the group. Against all pleas she eventually left the country to continue with the group and now does not visit home, though I can send letters. I worry about her mental and spiritual health."

From Rick Ross' site.

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