Sunday, August 24, 2008

I confess that I don't get this, but it is kind of fun anyway.

According to the "More Wretched Blog" Superheros have their belief systems. This is a pic of the "Legion of Catholic Superheroes" [Note: This is a sampling.] Condor Satana (Melissa Ramos) Phantasmo Vindicator Azrael Strong Guy Jaguar Wind Dancer Shamrock Nightshade Shi El Gato Negro The Hulk Catholic Girl Hellboy Obsidian Blue Beetle Plastique Invisible Kid Living Lightning Doctor Mid-Nite Banshee Punisher Firebird Anti-Body Huntress Dagger Nightcrawler Firestar Silhouette Karma Aurora Monsoon Daredevil Blue Devil Antaeus Gambit Fire Ultra Hellstorm Siryn Witchblade

They are clickable. And kind of weird. Try as I may, I can't find Marcial Maciel in the pic, even with a magnifying glass.

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Anonymous said...

Satana is hot!