Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Ingenious Solution

Sylvia Dorham is the founder of a new fundraising effort called Legion Supply, which has been quietly and effectively providing Legionaries and consecrated women with necessities ranging from shaving cream and hair gel to three-ring binders and vacuum cleaners. Some of these items are acquired at no cost. Others are purchased in large quantities at greatly reduced prices.

“We’re like Ruth who walked behind Boaz and gleaned the leftovers from the fields. Just by gleaning, she was able to provide for herself and her mother in law. That’s how we hope to provide the things the Legion needs as well,” says Sylvia Dorham.

What We Do:

Provide the Legionaries of Christ with the practical essentials they need to love God, serve others and build the Church.

How We Do It:

Finding gifts-in-kind from corporate excess
Buying in bulk, wholesale quantities

How You Can Help:

Put us in CONTACT with organizations who have excess materials to donate.
Participate in fundraising efforts.
Tell us if you see an unmet need.

At this, they are good!

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Anonymous said...

How about aid for all the former members who were lied to and lost years of their youth to the Legion, as it gambled with their lives on convincing them that everything the LC says is from God for them from all time and throwing them out when they are of no use anymore?