Monday, August 25, 2008

In response from dozens of email requests...

The poetry corner is back,
with sap enough to fill a tree!
Thanks Fr. Michael!!!

(Exlcblogger was called a male sex organ in one comment, but others have clamoured for more from the Legion of Christ/Hallmark bard)

Here goes....

Poem of the Month


Last Post Date: 2008-03-05

Authentic Love

Love is not a feeling or a passing state of mind,
Love is not just simply being nice or kind.
Love is not an empty word, spoken or written down
Love is not discovered in the lost and found.

Love demands self giving, even when it’s hurts,
Love never counts the costs, or looks for special perks.
Love is a commitment; faithful to the end.
Love is always willing to forgive, forget and mend.

For love to be authentic, it must come from the heart,
This is where love begins and receives its start.
The windows of your heart are your eyes that will reveal,
If your love is strong and something truly real.

We have a great example in Jesus Christ our friend,
He promised to be with us to the very end.
Our mission is to love and I hope that this is clear,
To love the souls around us, souls that Christ holds dear.

Now, let's get this straight. This comes from a member of the Congregation in the Church which supposedly has best intellectual formation available today, a Congregation which forms its men in classical humanities and in the best that modern culture has to offer. Some 14 years of intellectual preparation before ordination....

Exlcblogger is stunned to the core.


Anonymous said...

Well, it is well intended but not good poetry, "healtfelt" was how one reviewer referred to mine -it did not get published.

To write a good poem the writer needs to have some original thought or feeling or experience that he then tries to put into words. This may be hard for some Legionaries because of the their training which demands "uniformity" and conformity of mind and heart in order to fit into the Legion mould. So it is really hard to be original in a context where originality is systematically suppressed.

Anonymous said...

You gonad!