Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Blond, Bold and Beautiful Legionaries of Christ.

An online beauty pageant. . .for nuns from CNN. (UPDATE: Now cancelled)

We need one of these for the Legion of Christ beauties. Especially since Maciel and his followers know how to pick up the blond boys. Fr. Maciel is quoted as saying to a vocation recruiter in Mexico: "Enough with the anthropology lessons. Bring me blond boys." Sure there are lots of dark haired Legionaires, but that is not what Fr. Maciel wanted in particular. And hair dye did it for him.

To even suggest a racial basis for vocation recruitment or to even bring up physical looks as a criteria is kind of sick. No real excuses here. We are not talking about excluding extremes either, but just fulfilling a kind of sick sexual jolly.

(Exlcblogger is not making this up.)

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