Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whither the Spirituality Books of the Legion

...some of Maciel's writings still available to buy from the LCs... click here

According the Fr. Karras

But while Fr. Maciel masqueraded as the saintly founder, the admirable priest, apostle and ‘suffering servant of Yahweh’ that all the LCs sought to emulate in their own vocation, his writings were veritable treasures that we meditated and quoted, memorized and preached.

Once we found out
who he truly was, those same writings have turned into the cruelest of jokes, a most unholy parody of true spirituality and religious tradition, a sacrilegious satire that should make us all ashamed of having once proudly called ourselves ‘co-founders’.

The bathwater dissolved whatever baby there was long, long ago.
So throw it out with no regrets.


Anonymous said...

I am still RC for now and praying and waiting for the results of the visitation. I have learned much over these past months and have now learned to seperate the institution that was created by Fr M from the many wonderful priests and souls I have met. Fr. Karras' posts have helped me tremendously to look at the truth of this situation. He says it like it is in all his recent posts on the revelation of Fr. M. This last on on his writings is right is all a terrible joke to be ab le to get anything good out of these saddens me to think I was told to read and meditate on them every night as a 2nd degree....but now I am free from that thank God.

Thank you Fr. Karras...your posts are very healing for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Damn man- why do you have to go putting the images of the fucking books on your website? Now I'll start the nightmares again.

I wish I could take these books and form a huge pile and piss all over it. There's my integral formation.

The Legion is going down faster than a stoned Maciel on a mexican poolboy.

And I am glad to watch it.

For a penance I get to assign labores to Frs Garza, Sada and Courcuera... when's the last time you prima donna faggot liars washed a pot or cleaned the kitchen? That should be your penance for the years of lies.

Or Hell. I choose the latter for you, bastards.

-9 years of lies