Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tom Hoopes Resigns

Tom Hoopes resigned yesterday from the National Catholic Register.

email from Tom Hoopes

Dear Friends,

This is a terrible thing to do in an impersonal way, but e-mail is efficient for getting this kind of information out. Don’t be offended. I’m sending this because I wanted you to hear sooner rather than later.

I have been offered, and have accepted, a position at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. My last day in my office will be Aug. 7.

This is difficult because leaving the National Catholic Register and Faith & Family magazine feels like leaving family. I have written for the Register for 20 years. My first paycheck as a published writer came from the Register. I’ve been its executive editor for 10 years. Six years ago, April and I became editorial directors of Faith & Family magazine. These have been the most professionally satisfying of my career. I love the work these publications do and hope to be more visible in them — with actual bylines.

I’m grateful for my years here also because they made my new position possible. I will be Director of Strategic Communications, helping the school meet advancement goals. I’ll also have the title Writer in Residence and hope to take the opportunity to continue journalistic writing. I will teach two classes and work on getting necessary credentials to do more.

This is a career change April and l and I have been talking about for years, and it’s great to see it reaching fruition. We are both excited about the great things happening at Benedictine, academically and on campus. It is led by a great team of innovative, committed people, and
there is a solid infrastructure in all departments that sets it apart. It is clearly becoming one of the great Catholic colleges in America.

I thank Circle Media and Father Owen, our publisher, for the enormous opportunities I’ve been given. April and I will miss everyone here very much.

Tom Hoopes

While a few months ago on Amy Welborn's blog, he said:

All I want to say is, I’m sorry.

I want to say it here, because I defended Fr. Maciel here, and I need to be on the record regarding that defense:

I’m sorry, to the victims, who were victims twice, the second time by calumny. I’m sorry, to the Church, which has been damaged. I’m sorry, to those I’ve misled.

I did it unwittingly, but this isn’t a time for excuses.

The Church gave me great, great good in Regnum Christi.

The Church did bring justice, and did penalize this man.

Thank God for the Church.

I seek repentance and forgiveness, and I leave it at that.

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maeb said...

Tom - The Register was a good paper until the Legion got it. Get a clue and get a spine.

palinurus said...

He owned up to a mistake. We should all do as much.