Sunday, July 26, 2009

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Many people were not taken in by the Legion and Regnum Christ. Where was the chink in our armor that let the Legion in?

Could it be that the Legion and Regnum have cleverly exploited our "Catholic weaknesses":

1- Our demanding and authoritarian God who wants us to be perfect rather than responding as best we can in freedom and love
2- Our reduction of "vocation" to mean exclusively the religious or 'consecrated' life, considered superior than the married or single life.
3- Our "doctrine heavy" Catholicism that puts the content of Faith [Creed] before the spirit of Faith [confidence and trust in God, Jesus, Mary, the Church and its regular ministers]
4- Our disaffection and poorly disguised contempt for diocesan clergy vis a vis religious clergy who are more "refined", "spiritual" and supposedly better trained and educated [in Rome, preferably].
5- Our attraction to externals: handsome and well dressed seminarians, priests and young women, posing as saints and self-appointed spiritual directors of us and our children.
6- Our need for external validation from persons in authority, approved by the hierarchy -the higher the better- of our personal and intimate relationship with God in Jesus.

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