Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fr. Jon-Jon Signs up with St. Patrick's

Fr. Jonathan Morris is now working at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in New York. Exlcblogger had heard that he was on a sabbatical from Fox, (where his blog can no longer be found) but it is also apparently a sabbatical from the Legion seminary in Rome where he was vice-rector. Is there not enough work to do with the Regnum Christi in New York while he is there?

Are more things morphing than meet the eye? Anyone have more news on this?


Anonymous said...

He's been on Fox twice the past week and his blog is still up...don't think he's on sabbatical from Fox.

Anonymous said...

Could Morris have been pulled out of Rome to get him away from the Bishop who will be visiting there and interviewing for the papal investigation?

Anonymous said...

so they "hid him away" deep in the depths of NYC? Doubt it...

Anonymous said...

He has already left the LC and will be joining new priestly fraternity formed of former priests of the LC

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many other LC priests were given the chance to take 6 months off and go live in NYC? What about the rule that once you leave you cannot come back?

This is the culture of discrepancy that has permeated the Legion forever. Not everyone had to play by the same rules. The special ones got special treatment.

Guaranteed there is an LC in Mexico who would like a 6 month sabattical to discern his calling. And the rector said to love the cross and pray to Mary. Fr. Morris gets St. Patricks in NYC.

The Legion is filth.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly - the superiors have always had their favorites. Fr Jonathon and Fr Bartunek started being special when they went to Rome to study and caught Fr Maciel's eye. Then they came up with the "Compass" apostolate to recruit on campus of ivy league schools. Routine dinners with MM, dispense with community life, special trips and all that. Fr Javier Fiz was the same way. But that's how it has always been, from the foundation. Those from the beginning can name the ones who got the special treatment, because they were connected, or brought in other vocations.

Anonymous said...

some more commentary:

"I'll never forget one priest who was in charge of a large house of apostolate and school where I spent some time living in community as a layman. He told me that he was sure I had a vocation, and when I responded that I appreciated his assessment, but didn't want to be a priest, his response was stunning.

"Who said anything about wanting to be a priest? I didn't want to be a priest. I still don't want to be a priest. But if God wants it..."

I later heard through a friend still involved with the movement that this particular priest was eventually laicized. As was the priest who brought me in to the movement - a man who had been engaged to be married before he was convinced that he had a vocation and dropped everything to join. These were good men, and good priests, insofar as they had the will to be, even without necessarily having the vocation. Why? Because they loved God. And I find it outrageous that their love for Him, and desire to please Him, was used to manipulate them."

- here's one comment from an RCer:
3) Why tear down?
July 13th, 2009 | 1:59pm
If Fr. Thomas is going to leave I wish he would leave quitely. Why tear down the Movment? [smiley=sad] The Visitation will help us to get through the revelations about our Founder, so why attack now? Fr. Maciel was sinful like all of us. Maybe we put him on a pedestal that was not fair to him or to us? But Our Lord can use even dirty vessels for his work.
Written by Sad for Fr.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Fr. Jonathan's Fox News Blog is down. The page cannot be found.

See: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/fatherjonathan/index.html

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take too much digging to see that two other LC priests are (and were already stationed--incl. Fr. Gill) at the same parish as Fr. Morris and that the claim is that Fr. Morris is working on a book during this sabbatical. Assuming the book project is the true reason for the sabbatical, I wouldn't assign other motives for this move just yet.

Anonymous said...

It works....


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a fabulous first week here at St.
Patrick’s Old Cathedral, my new home. The welcome
you have given me has been gracious and
generous. But even beyond such human kindness,
I would describe your welcome as faith-filled.
For I know you have embraced me first and foremost
as a priest of Jesus Christ.
Some have asked if I am experiencing culture
shock. They know I have spent the last seven
years in Rome, Italy under very different circumstances,
first as a graduate student of moral theology,
and subsequently, as a seminary formator of
young men pursuing the priesthood. The answer
to that question is ‘yes’. The lifestyle change
from the Vatican to SOHO is quite stark! But to
my heart’s and stomach’s delight, I have found a
worthy remedy to my woes in the wonderful people
and restaurants of Little Italy! Little Italy and
beyond! The diversity of our parish family was
on full display at my reception meal last Monday
evening. I was so pleased—inspired—to meet
members of our Chinese, Hispanic, Filipino, and
Italian communities, as well as many young people
who are new to the neighborhood. If the
United Nations could work together as well as we
do, I thought to myself, how much good could be
done throughout the world!
Doing some good on this new corner of the earth,
of Prince and Mott and in and around your homes,
is a mission I embrace with joy. I couldn’t be
more grateful to God for the opportunity to work
under the wise and enthusiastic leadership of our
pastor, Msgr. Sakano. He is the kind of priest I
hope to become.
Please continue to introduce yourselves to me. I
want to come to know you and your families.
God bless, Father Jonathan

Catholic Mission said...

Fr.Jonathan Morris needs to apologise-says Michael Voris
MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013
Will Father Jonathan Morris apologise?

MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013
Fr.Jonathan Morris' statement shows what is being taught in the Archdiocese of New York and the Legion of Christ communities and universities

MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013
Fr.Jonathan Morris suggests he can physically see the dead