Monday, July 13, 2009

Interview with Fr. Thomas Berg

Fr. Thomas Berg was interviewed by Sandro Magister on Chiesa. Several blogs have commented on the interview, for example, here and here.

While no one wants to venture guesses as to the what the Apostolic Visitation is going to do, Fr. Berg most interestingly points out that only a full and complete break with anything "Maciel" will save the Legion. Exlcblogger tends to agree.

A traitor? Unfaithful to his vocation? Or one of the smart ones?

Read the interview here.


Anonymous said...

Definitely still in an early phase of deprogramming.

He's still trying to save the split between "the Legion", bad, and "Legionaries", good. The Legion is not in her writings, it is in her men.

The Legion is the fruit not only of Fr Maciel, but also of those formed by him through "his" writings who perpetuate it and gave it the aura it has - Fr Bannon, Fr Bailleres, Fr Evaristo, Fr Hector Guerra, Fr Garza, Fr William Brock, Fr Richard Gill, Fr Raymond Cosgrave, novice directors, etc.

They should have known it was wrong, and they stifled their consciences, as well as anyone who had the courage to point out it was wrong.

These men did horrible things in the name of obedience and perfection.

There is a righteous anger at them all, a just anger. They misled the little ones, they put their own holiness and perfection ahead of those they served, and wrote them off as "not tough enough", instead of seeing a problem with the formation methods, and standing up to their own superiors.

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote before me was very polite and civil. He sets a good example for me.

I say fuck the Legion and its people and its books and its rules and its houses. So happy to see it rot and burn.

If I could drop a wrecking ball through their glass octagonal atriums in Rome... if I could spit in their Barry's Gold tea... if I could shove a fubito ball down their throats...

Funny the devil, when asked by Christ what his name was.. responded our name is legion. See- Christ foretold this.

Legion is fucking evil. And evil people burn....