Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dust Off Your Resumé

A comment by The Emperor IS Naked on American Papist Blog.

"As somebody who intimately knows many people working for the Legion, I can tell you the resumes ARE being dusted off and gussied up. Nobody I know who works for the Legion assumes they will have a job within the year. The economy right now does not lend itself to much optimism on the parts of the these men, but they ARE pursuing other job possibilities.

Some just don't know what to hope for. For many, it feels like the job has been a really great gig for them. They've enjoyed their work (even if their work situation turned out to be something of a mirage, considering the reality that it was founded by a child molester and then covered up that knowledge for decades), and it's a real quandary for many of them. I can tell you most of the ones I know are NOT drinking the kool-aide and recognize the precarious situation they are in job-wise. They'd be fools not to.

I'm sure there are those who are still in total denial. There will ALWAYS be those who choose to stay in denial until the day they show up for work and find the doors closed (and believe me, those of us closely tied with the Legion realize this is the likely scenario----everything will be just hunky-dory until the day these guys show up for work and find the place had to close up shop!). But there are also many who see the writing on the wall.

As for me, I consider it my duty to tell all concerned Catholics I know about this situation with the Legion and encourage everyone to start doing their own research so they can make informed decisions regarding this order and its apostolates. And I'm very blunt with those I know whose paychecks are signed by the Legion that they'd better be dusting off the ole resumes, if they haven't started already. You can't afford to remain ignorant and naive when you have a herd of hungry kids to feed!"


Gringostar said...

Stop being sooo dramatic! You can cut to the chase and say to your brethren, "avoid putting dealing in stolen goods and money laundering on the updated resume." How more blunt can you be? In the spirit of our departed brother Mr. Karl Malden and his crime fighting dog McGruff - Take a bite out of crime!

The Emperor IS Naked said...

Wow, I had no idea my post in a combox someplace would be posted on another website, much less that it would offend people for being too dramatic and not blunt enough. LOL My posts are nothing more than my perception and experiences as a person related to and friends of many working for the Legion. Don't assign so much importance to them!