Monday, July 6, 2009

First Aposotlic Visitation, Part V and Finale

The saga concludes. From our friend Cassandra: but who would believe her?

The truth of "The Great War" or "The Great Blessing" finally comes out.
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On July 10, 1957 to succeed Anastasio in Rome Valeri named Msgr. Alfredo Bontempi, 62, rector of the Nepomucenum, the Czech Pontifical College in Rome. Born in 1894 in Castelfidardo, a town in the Marches, Bontempi served as rector from 1950 until his death in 1963. He would be ordained bishop and granted a titular see in 1962. After six months of his own experience with the Legionaries, Bontempi told the Congregation of the Affairs of Religious on January 24, 1958, that the Legionaries had warmed to him and that he was impressed by the “spirit of piety” in their seminary. He noted that the library lacked the works of Congar, de Lubac, and Maritain; he liked the vow of charity; he had told Arumí that his report would reflect favorably on the founder because “the tree is known by its fruits.”

Also appointed that day was a new visitator for Legionary houses in Mexico and Spain, a Belgian Franciscan missionary to Chile, Polidoro van Vlierberghe, 48, who from 1961 would become apostolic administrator and territorial prelate of Illapel, Chile. Polidoro became mouthpiece for Maciel’s versions of events: Anastasio should have been more balanced; ambitious Ferreira and the Jesuits had intrigued against Maciel; accusations came from bad sources; the institute has borne its sufferings with faith. In January 1958 Anastasio criticized Polidoro’s perspective to Larraona -- the Jesuits must be given a chance to respond to so serious an accusation, for one thing -- but did not prevail.

Photo at right: Bishop Polidoro Van Vlierberghe

Though a 1964 curial summary of earlier documents noted that “the conclusions don’t appear to correspond to the logic of the facts,” the Maciel case was concluded along the lines of a compromise proposed on September 10, 1958, by Redemptorist Domenico Mozzicarelli, an official in the Congregation of the Affairs of Religious who dealt with apostolic visitations. Even if Maciel’s removal seemed advisable, the Legion was built on his “mysterious” personality and no new superior could replace his “heroic mysticism” or his ability to fundraise. Because of “its great good mixed with bad” the institute should continue. A smoldering wick should not be quenched. So a compromise: leave to Valeri when eventually to restore Maciel, reserve the right to further visitations, appoint the counsel general and financial officer required by canon law, and absolutely forbid Maciel from giving spiritual direction, much less hearing confession, or otherwise intruding on the internal forum of members of the congregation. (This last in accordance with 1917 Canon Law Code canon 530, which strictly forbade religious superiors from coercing a manifestation of conscience from a subordinate under obedience.) The Congregation of the Affairs of Religious wrote Cardinal Clemente Micara on October 13, 1958 reinstating Maciel on roughly those terms. On February 6, 1959 Micara wrote Maciel.
Photo above left: Cardinal Clemente Micara

Pope Pius XII died October 9 and Pope John XXIII was elected October 28. It has never been clear why the reinstatement of Maciel was issued in the papal interregnum or why it fell to Micara, Cardinal Vicar General of Rome from 1951 to his death at 85 in 1965, to deliver it, or why he delayed it for four months. In any event, another curial summary from 1962 states that in settling the Maciel matter the Congregation of the Affairs of Religious could not go further than the Mozzicarelli compromise because of the “recommendations and interventions of high persons.” Who those were we don’t know, but in his autobiographical interview, Christ is My Life, for helping him survive the visitation Maciel thanks Cardinals Micara, Pizzardo, Gaetano Cicognani (Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura), Giovanni Piazza (Discalced Carmelite Secretary of what is now the Congregation for Bishops), and Federico Tedeschini (Apostolic Datary).

Photo above right: John XXIII greets the crowd in St. Peter's Square for the first time after his election as pope.
So Maciel and the Legion were cleared and moved on. The discontinuity in Vatican administration in October 1958 may account for why Maciel was never held to the stipulated restrictions on his ministry. After Maciel’s reinstatement, Ferreira left the Legion to serve in the archdiocese of Morelia (Michoacán) Mexico until he died in 2001. Domínguez transferred to Maynooth seminary in Dublin, in fall 1957 also left the Legion, eventually married, and lived in Los Angeles. Lagoa, at 80 in 2001, and Arumí, at 79 in 2006, both died as Legionary priests. In 2003 Maciel eulogized Lagoa as “close to me in the great trials and tribulations of the Legion: he remained faithful, unmoved, and he unconditionally bore witness to his love for Christ by fulfilling his mission.”


Anonymous said...

I cannot help but feel a sense of hatred towards Frs. Izquierdo, Balleres, Arumi, Esquievel, Mateos and most of all Corcuera, Garza and Sada.

You defamed and ruined the lives and reputations of many men in order to protect MM. You perpetuate a myth and a lie and I rejoice, truly rejoice that the Legion, a place I called home and family for 9 years crumbles.

Actually- it does not crumble. It rots from withing. You whitewashed sepulchres full of dead mens bones. Putrid and foul.

You who put us through hell. You told us we were "too american", "too vain", "too sensual". You made our lives miserable and guilted us into ridiculous duties and lives while you ate merienda de los padres and played fubito with your hand chosen favorites.

Fuck all of you. You are all scum. You are all bastards. You are all sons of a fucking perverted old drug addict, a scurge of the Church and a the laughingstock of all the groups you maligned and dismissed as inferior like the Jesuits and Opus Dei.

Payback is a bitch, boys. And this is only THIS life where forclosure and lack of vocations hurt the pocketbook and vanity. In the bext life payback is even worse where revenge will be had on your souls for the hatred you inflicted on this planet.

Rot in all you LC bastards. Shove your principios y normas up your ass, take your urbanity and fuck yourselves with it. I spit on your constitutions and piss on your cartas de NP.

Evil, sick, filthy scumbags. I hate knowing we breathe the same air.

-9 years of lies

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more.

14 years of lies.

Anonymous said...

Miserable excuses for human beings. "Charity and Unity"?! Sensuality and self-indulgence, ambition and flattery for power, end justified the means.

Fuck you.

-8 years of lies (and even then you tried to make me swallow more, only for the sake of your precious numbers)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see other people are signing with how many years of lies they were subject to in the Legion. That should be what unites us- at least we got out.

I was just talking to a friend, former LC himself, and we shared our anger. It amazes me to see how they treated us and how scarred so many of us are.

Don't get me wrong- we move on with our lives. But there is a "something" in us all, a loss, a shame, a fear, a hatred that will not go away ever.

And that is my hatred towards the Legion and MM. They hurt me for life. You can be raped and you recover- but you will never be the same.

MM raped our souls and the Legion raped our minds. We have healed- I've healed- but will never be the same.

I think of the stupidity of our lives spent worshipping MM and following his every action, recording his every word, photographing his every move. What a fucked up cult leader. What a fucked up place.

May God damn the Legion and may the Church quicken its demise.

Fucking evil bastards. You will burn.

-9 years of lies

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with 9 years. The good men who are still there need to get out. Cuocuera, Garza, Sada, et alia would have resigned if they were sincere, but they're not. They were the closest people to MM, they were the hatchet men who removed anyone who didn't play along. It is an insult that they remain in their comfortable positions of authority, being waited on by brothers and priest who believe that their will is synonymous with God's. Those fuckers can rot in hell for the lies that they perpetuated. They don't have the best interests of their "brothers" in mind, only the survival of the work of their pathetic founder, who they love so dearly over any of the true saints they've run out.

To those who still call themselves Legionaries - They never cared about you, and it would by no means be the first time that they sacrificed people for the survival of the order. Get out before they have a chance to erase you. You are only a number to them, one they brag about when they need money, or papal support. GET OUT!

10 years of lies.

Anonymous said...

9 years -- you got the "too American" bit too. We were taught we were too "legalistic." This meant we were too hung up on the letter of the law, and not the "spirit."

I lost five years in, and five years realizing what they did to me.