Saturday, July 25, 2009

What Irony!

From the Catholic Herald (UK)

How the Jesuits can save the Legionaries of Christ
Fr Maciel failed to appreciate the need for freedom in religious life, says Dominic Scarborough

24 July 2009

The Jesuits are of course themselves at something of a crossroads. Their long history of being able to synchronise the Catholic faith with the host cultures of both other religions and, more recently, secularism has taken its toll on their fidelity to the Magisterium. But this provides a valuable lesson as well. They hold the answer to the Legion's problems.

I hope that the Visitation recommends nothing short of absorption of the Legion into the Society of Jesus as an autonomous worldwide province. There are a sufficient number of thoroughly orthodox and wise Jesuits, particularly in America - men such as Fr Joseph Fessio and Fr Mitch Pacwa - who could be asked to assume senior roles to help the process of renewing the Legion's spirituality.

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Anonymous said...

That would be culture shock.

Anonymous said...

This is really a very naïve, uninformed idea. First, the Jesuits wouldn't touch those clowns with a bargepole -their 'formation' is dismal, their deformations are obvious. Second, the Jesuit Constitutions explicitly bar people coming from other orders from entering the Society.

Anonymous said...

Funny,jesuits today cant take care even themselves.

Anonymous said...

Even funnier, people who can't even write properly tend to say silly things.