Friday, September 18, 2009

I'd be very concerned about the structure....


Anonymous said...

This is Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto, April, 2009. The TV news channel 8 discussion also accessible here was in 2002.

Anonymous said...

He wins the "Captain Obvious Award" for yes, I am concerned about the structure too. It was designed by a sociopath and furthered by the current leaders who were interested in money and power too so they were corrupted to cover up the sins. Say bye bye.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. I joined RC, I left in late February 2009, and I am better for it.

When will I stop being crazy over this whole stupid mess?

When will I not wake up at night and fret about it?

Anonymous said...

Being a bit "crazy" about this mess is normal... if it springs from your concern for the Church's integrity and purity... and your concern for all who have been/ are being harmed. Please pray for Benedict XVI, keep your mind and heart focused on Jesus, and keep The Faith! The Legion has never been THE CHURCH. It has been allowed to exist for a small part of Church history WITHIN The Church.

Anonymous said...

Wether you like it or not, the Legion IS part of the Church, and will continue to be as long as the Pope wants it that way. Of course there are a lot of things to change, but never the less we must accept that IT IS IN THE CHURCH, wether you like it or not. So lets pary for those inside, may God help them to go through this horrible time, and continue to a great work!... because YES there's a lot of good people doing a lot of good things inside.

Anonymous said...

Or we could pray that this evil get rooted out of our Church once and for all.

Bad organizations can often perform all sorts of good works---just look at various mafia-run outfits that give all sorts of money to good causes. Good works do not justify evil means. Never has, never will. Simple as that.

The Maciel Methodology is evil and has wreaked enough havoc on our Church already. My prayer will always be that all evil is weeded out of our Mother Church. The hierarchy's failure to root out such evil is not reason for people to just accept it. I'd hate to have to give THAT as an excuse at the Pearly Gates "St. Peter, yes I knew this was an evil organization, but the Church allowed it, so I shut up and moved on!"

Maciel passed the First Visitation with flying colors. That doesn't mean he was good. Or that his works were good. It means the Church made a horrible mistake, one that allowed a predator to go on abusing people for another 50 years.

My prayers will be that the Church never makes such a mistake again.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous: as a start, count on my prayers. Next, find a counselor who can help you sort this out. I would suggest finding someone who is not very aware of the Legion/RC to give an unbiased viewpoint. I know many who have gone through/are going through similar things. The breaking of trust is a hard thing to overcome.

Anonymous said...

"Wether [sic] you like it or not, he Legion IS part of the Church, and will continue to be as long as the Pope wants it that way."...

Let's be careful here. The last time the POPE said something positive about the LC/RC it was presumably before knowing the full details about the founder. Prudent people stay on the sidelines and keep OUT until the Church can digest the new information. I for one, find it UNCONSCIONABLE that the LC/RC can continue to recruit in this environment.

Anonymous said...

"The work that they've done is good."

I disagree. I don't think they did anything at all, other than attend a lot of conferences and do a lot of busywork. The LC/RC never fed the hungry, clothed the naked, housed the homeless, etc. They stole a bunch of schools and turned them into institutes of brain-washing. They force-fed countless people their twisted legion theology and told us if we didn't swallow it we were evil and going to hell.

So, the work that they've done is most certainly NOT good.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but anonymous, it doesn't matter if the work is actually good or not! What matters is if the work LOOKS good..........and if there is one thing the Legion is good at (charism?), it's spin and deceit. So there you go----as long as they can make the schools and apostolates look they are good things, that's all that is required.

Kind of like Maciel--it didn't matter that he was forcing little boys to masturbate him, impregnating women, embezzling money, and shooting up demerol. What matters is that he was able to make it all LOOK so good. And for that, the Legion continues to express their gratitude even to this day.

Oh yes, it's all about the spin. Who cares if they never fed the hungry, clothed the naked, housed the homeless, or visited those in prison (in fact, I think Maciel was probably pretty good at unclothing those who were dressed, and he kept his impoverished 3gf women hungry while he ate caviar. Housing the homeless? He was too busy staying in his luxury hotels. As for prison, well, the reality of prison probably hit a little too close to him for him to manage to visit any of his fellow criminals).

As long as everything looked holy and pious on the outside, the rot on the inside was allowed to grow unhindered.

Truth does not matter. Appearances do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anonymous 7:53!

I am sick of this "there is so much good there" line.

Hitler also did a lot of "good". For the large part, the infrastructure he built is still being used today. Oh, yes, he did a lot of good - no matter that millions of Jews were massacred, no matter, that milions of people were tortured, starved, humiliated, murdered.......

Why is it that whatever resistance was there at the time, they were shut up one way or another, if he did so much good?

Oh brother!!!!
Why, oh why, is this so hard to see: the cornerstone is corrupt ----- try building a Cathedral on a corrupt corner stone.

Jesus is the corner stone!


Anonymous said...

"Next, find a counselor who can help you sort this out. I would suggest finding someone who is not very aware of the Legion/RC to give an unbiased viewpoint."

If I am reading this correctly, this post was directed by an LC/RC supporter to those of us who may be angry and disillusioned by the LC/RC deceit/fraud. (Because, of course, any emotions that destroy that world-famous serenity are due to the mental/spiritual "weakness" of the person experiencing them). Can I just say that the advice to find somebody not very aware of the LC/RC debacle for counseling literally made me laugh out loud?

That's like sending somebody trying to recover from Scientology to a counselor who has not a clue what Scientology is. Oh yeah, that's going to result in some really helpful counseling. ROFL!