Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For Atlantans Present and Future Who Are Wary of LC/RC

From Life-After-RC combox comment:

It will be difficult to find a church/school in Atlanta that does not have at least a mild RC infestation (although it gets a little easier every day!) For schools, Queen of Angels/Blessed Trinity, Holy Redeemer, and Our Lady of the Assumption are all filled with enough Pinecrest refugees that you will be safe. St. Jude the Apostle never really bought into the whole LC/RC thing, but that school is particularly hard to get into. Pinecrest and Holy Spirit are RC schools.

LC got its foothold in the Atlanta area in All Saints parish and it remains a stronghold. Avoid St. Monica's in Duluth, Mary Our Queen in Norcross, St. Andrew's in Roswell, and St. Brendan's in Cumming.

Good luck to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

My family is new to Atlanta and I have a brother in the Legion. I wish I could get him out. He is totally brainwashed. We have not joined a parish out of fear of LC/RC. Thanks for the parish info.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the schools you named are known as the places to go if you are not RC. Notre Dame Academy was started by an ex-Pinecrest employee who wouldn't sign up so you are safe there too. St. Patrick's is pretty clear of RC as far as I know. St. Benedict's and St. Brigid are thick with them. If you homeschool, look out for the support groups. Many of them (Regina Caeli and St. John Bosco for example) are RC moms who can't or won't afford LC schools for all their kids and some groups like TORCH are unofficial apostolates for RC where the recruiting is rampant. Good Shepherd asked a TORCH group to leave a few years back when they found out about thier RC/LC ties. I'm not sure where you live but there are some parishes where you can find refuge from the apostolates, check the bullitins for the parishes online and see who is advertising and if any RC events are listed on the schedule. my two cents..

Anonymous said...

Can you give a ballpark idea on how many RCs there are in Atlanta?

Are the numbers dropping, post-scandal?

Anonymous said...

The RC folks I know in Atlanta love Christ and want to serve Christ. The Legionaries preach Christ. While the LC hierarchy's actions are inexusable, to say you need to avoid RC schools is not true. My kids go to Pinecrest and have had their love of Christ richly nourished. They are not brainwashed into some bizarre hypnotic trance worshipping "Nuestro Padre". Your post is WAY over the top.

Anonymous said...

Fine, go ahead bringing your children up in an institution created by a pederast and incapable of telling the truth. Good luck, mate.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person who is so happy with the RC in Atlanta - the title of the piece is "For Atlantans Present and Future Who are Wary of LC/RC" I am happy for you that you have not been negatively affected by the LC or RC, and so, it seems you are not "wary". Don't you wonder why so many people on these blogs are wary or critical? Do you think your experience is representative of the average, and these people are all just wrong?

You know, when I joined RC, I sent a message to a website owner and defended the LC and RC too, because my experience was sooo positive. That was then. Now I see things differently, and I left. As I go about my life post-RC, there are cliques of RCs I encounter quite regularly. I am used to it, it's not terrible, but if I could choose (like if I was moving to a new city) I would rather go to a parish and school situation where there is less of an RC presence. I find the RC and attitudes get tiresome - there is a tone of pride, and of spiritual superiority which I am uneasy with. So yeah, I am wary. I stay away.

Anonymous said...

Pinecrest Anon, I guess if all that matters to you is that things are good for your kids, I can understand why you stay put.

Me, I feel terrible that I spent any money on a school run by an order that defamed victims of abuse and has yet to apologize, not to mention hurt many, many good people who just wanted to serve Christ.

I hope that the chickens don't come home to roost on your doorstep one day or you may feel incredibly bad that you overlooked such heinous abuses just because your own kids were so happy and 'richly nourished.'

Anon in STL

Anonymous said...

Ok, the person who posted supportively for the LC needs a serious reality check. The Legion does brainwash people for "vocations". Thus when they form these young boys and convince them that if they don't answer their call to the priesthood they will go to hell, they train them to discern off of ill formed conscience under coersion. This perverts the whole notion of a true vocation which is a self-giving of one's unhindered volition.
There are many good priests who have been harmed psychologically and other priests who are truly devout and are moving to other orders. For these priests I have much sympathy and anyone who supports the order in spite of such atrocities should be ashamed.

As far as I'm concerned, the LC/RC order itself can dangle by the ankles in an overturned baptisimal font of hell for all eternity! Pope Benedicts' inquisition on the order will bring all things to light and there shall be retribution!

Anonymous said...

I am in Atlanta and an ex-RC. We homeschool and have been in TORCH. I guess there are lots of RC families in it, but it is not uncomfortable for us to be there, even though we aren't RC anymore.

Furthermore, when I was active in RC, TORCH wasn't remotely considered an apostolate. I would say the family split is about 50/50,maybe more like 60/40 now (the 40 being RC) and dropping.

That comment you quoted isn't entirely accurrate either. Those parishes mentioned are vibrant, wonderful parishes with plenty of ministries to get involved with that have nothing to do with RC.

To believe you can't even attend a parish, or send your kids to a school where RC or ex-RC families go is overdoing it just a bit. (I'm not talking about Pinecrest or HSP)

I mean calling even ex-RC 'an infestation' is pretty rough. I guess I am still defensive.

There are some really great families totally struggling right now to figure out how to get their family lives back on track post-RC and we need to be surrounded by some kind, orthodox Catholics to support us so please don't count out this parish or that parish just bc you think there might be some lingering RC or ex-RC. One of the reasons it grew so fast, IMO, is the sense of community it brought to families seeking other families who were excited about their faith.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately as a long time parishioner at Holy Spirit and knowing the pastor very well, his tolerance of them only further proves the fact they hold money over on parishes and pastors which forces them to recompense the debt by allowing the facilities to become recruiting grounds for their bizarre cultic order.

The unfortunate fact is that this little band is very good at their propaganda, I mean really good, like Joseph Goebbels good. It's interesting to listen to them go on and on about the order because it's always spoken about in the 3rd person as if the "recruiter" is not even one of them. "Trust me after you talk to Fr. John you'll want to become one of them." Here are some good examples from the horse's mouth:
"They seriously have the coolest priests you'll ever meet, they just get it like the diocesan priests don't. They make it cool to be a real catholic"
"Dont tell anyone but if you want to meet a real catholic priest you need to meet Fr. John, he's the man, we get together and pray every single night"
"Not only are they super cool but they are willing to sacrifice everything for Jesus...even their family and friends"
"Sacrifice of friends and family will give you penance for sins not even confession can absolve."
"They're so awesome they're like a Catholic Fraternity, these guys are my brothers consecrated together and Fr. John like the Head Brother he keeps us in line when we fall off course."

The fact that the Vatican much less the Archbishop is allowing this RC/LC nonsense to continue and the "consecration" of lay people is absolutely beyond me. How can they be consecrated into the order when the RC garbage has not even been approved by the Pontif? This is something that really rings of the fraud and moribund sense of Christianity they spread. Something about it all feels very fake and unreal. I have been a Catholic all my life and at one point I considered pursuing a life as a priest but when you have someone like this come up to you and talk to you as if you are not even Catholic and you've been going to the same parish as them for umpteen years...it's frightening as hell.