Thursday, September 10, 2009

Have They No Shame?

From a combox on rcisnotmylife:

I can remember sitting in on a play at one of the schools several months after the Father Founder died. The children had memorized what seemed like pages and pages of Maciel’s works, and the LC priests and RC parents clapped with such enthusiasm as each child read some masterpiece of Maciel’s and reflected on the greatness of the holy man. I was listening to the words themselves, and let’s just say there was some seriously weird stuff in there. I looked around at all these RCers and LC priests and thought, “Are these people for real?!” HELLO! The man was disciplined by the Holy See for allegations of sexual molestation of minors!

Now that I know the Legion knew full well this man was a lying fraud for years prior to this, the fact that the Legion taught these children to memorize and spew forth the words of the child molester is even more galling. I am nauseated.

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Anonymous said...

Check out the Regnum Christi Members Facebook page, where you can find RC members singing the praises of Maciel as late as spring 2009. Likewise, the YouTube tributes to "Marcial Maciel, Our Hero," with dozens of fawning comments.

So the answer is No. These people have no shame.