Thursday, February 11, 2010

They asked for it

Whatever you may think of the comedy, any sacrilege is a direct responsibility of the Legion. If you play with fire like they have, then you deserve what you get.


Anonymous said...

I am not Spanish-speaking, so I have no idea what was said. I was still able to get the gist of some of it.

The continuing existence of an order of priests founded by a child molester (many of whose priests are still expressing gratitude to the molester and most of whom still believe the Molester's Movement is the answer to the world's ills) makes a mockery of our Church. How can the Church hope to have any moral authority whatsoever when such things occur? Especially given the Church's already very-poor track record in matters of child abuse.

At one time, I never would have thought such a thing possible---order of priests founded by a molester and created with norms and constitutions specifically designed to enable this monster to continue with over half a century of abuse---same order still believes this is of the Holy Spirit--a beautiful gift transmitted through a sodomizing fraud. Meanwhile the cover-up and corruption continue, and our Church hasn't even asked for a moratorium on rabid recruiting and fundraising.

I'm ashamed. We deserve to be made a laughingstock if we allow such evil organizations to flourish in our Church.

Anonymous said...

I remember in theology class with Father I forget his name who was the pastor at Guadalupe on Via Aurelia- it was a history class- we learned about the popes who murdered, popes who had children, popes who were dug up form their grave and put on trial, etc.

This scandal- MM and his Legion and their cover-up with a not-as-yet-clear participation of The Vatican will go down as just as great a scandal and tragedy.

For anyone, especially the Legion, to brush this aside as no big deal is laughable and angering.

One year later the Legion pretends all is fine and rushes to ordain as many priests as possible to show strength. How the Church has not already censured them and forbidden further growth via Sacramental Ordination is itself a scandal. How can these men be ready for the priesthood if they are bathed in lies and fraud?

I compare the Legion to a cancer in the Church and it needs to be ripped out no matter how painful that is. At its core the Legion is corrupt, deceitful, manipulative, unjust and unholy. The good men will go on with their vocations and talents. The bad will burn in hell. And there are many of both.

I will accept Benedict XVI decision but I hope it is an exhaustive and definitive annihiliation of the legion and the movement.

Anonymous said...

i think it is funny that you say 'they' deserve what they get. what the hell does that mean? shouldn't the ones who are guilty get what they deserve? and apparently its to put a serious disturbing thing into comedy to out of hatred. ok.