Sunday, February 7, 2010

A tale of two vicars. You make the call.

Vatican daily publishes article on priesthood by Legionaries of Christ vicar

.- L’Osservatore Romano published an article on Thursday by Father Luis Garza Medina, the Vicar General of the Legionaries of Christ, in which he reflected on what priests should do in response to the challenges “that confront humanity” and the “drama of modern man.”

In his article, Father Garza provides a series of reflections on the Year for Priests. The Legionaries' Vicar General notes that “the priest, animated by the awareness that Christ is the only Savior of the world and that he has been made a minister of redemption by means of the Sacrament of Orders, is called to live in today’s world, amidst the challenges that this presents for the Gospel of Christ, with confidence and holy audacity.”

Father Garza said the priest must be “a man of God” and that “his will and faculties must be imbued with the sentiments of Christ.”

He also said that the priest “should be a man of prayer, a man who listens to and meditates on the Word in order to lovingly comply with what God wants of him. He should celebrate the sacraments with the fervor and anointment proper to the sacred things he is charged with, knowing that because he is a man of God he should make a special effort to resist the dizzying and constant rat-race of the modern world.”

After pointing out that “the priest is a man profoundly aware that salvation comes from God,” Father Garza wrote, “The priest seeks the good of the person, he doesn’t seek to reduce him to a number or a statistic” and should be a sign of communion for his peers and for the entire Church.


From the article below:

The Legionary priests, alarmed by Maciel's attitude, immediately called Rome. The then number three person of the institution, Luis Garza, knew right away that this was a grave problem. He consulted with the highest authority, Alvaro Corcuera, hopped on the first plane to Miami and when directly to the hospital.

His indignation could be read on his face. He faced the once all-powerful founder and threatened him: "I will give you two hours to come with us or I will call all the press and the whole world will find out who you really are". And Maciel let his arm be twisted.


Jeannette said...

So, for the past year, people have been saying, "Maciel couldn't have done this alone; he had to have help" and all eyes pass over Corcuera, since he's dimly aware of his surroundings at best*, and then gazes fall upon Garza. His reputation precedes him. I think this is an effort to convince people that he's not an arachnid and that he really does think about that God fellow from time to time. Does anyone buy it?

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read this part of the story. Honestly. Because this version of Garza sounds much more in keeping with his personality according to exLCs who knew him than the version portrayed in L'OR.

Let's face it: if this man were truly as lovely a character as the L'OR article makes him sound, the Legion would have been trotting him out on stage incessantly since last Feb (if not long before that).

What this tells me is that the PTB are finally facing the fact that Alvaro as saint who will save the Legion from the legend of its evil founder isn't flying with anybody who isn't so feeble-minded they can't put two words together.

Who's next? Once the PTB realize Garza won't fly, either? (esp given the kind of stories about him like the one above---can't you just see Garza's face contorted in fury over Maciel's total lack of loyalty to the Legion cause at the end?). That must have been one long flight from Rome; glad I wasn't the stewardess serving Garza his drinks.

Perhaps Sada is next? I haven't heard too many stories about him.

Anonymous said...

I knew Fr. Luis Garza well enough to understand that he was filled with anger. There was no peace in him, no serenity. I think the Legion tried to justify it with the pressure of his important position, the mission, etc etc. But now I see Garza was angry because he was living an enormous lie. His life was full of deception, fraud, theft- all to appease the powerful MM.

It was like the Sopranos and Garza was a Capo. I'm surprised he didn't committ suicide.

I don't pity him though. Nor do I feel sympathy. He chose to stay in the lie- it was comfortable, powerful, fun. He traveled the world and lived a good life- all on the sweat from our brows. We provided his money and meals and recreation- we sang and performed at his whim, served ice cream and mozzarella from Campania when he so desired. We were like slaves in a Roman Villa. We were like slaves in a Mississippi plantation.

You could have left Garza. You could have told someone. And now in your Nuremberg, your defense cannot be "I was just following orders".

I hope you too are plagued by the demons of MM. Would be a fitting end.

Anonymous said...

Beloved brother (ex) Legionary, whoever you are, who wish demon possession for Luis Garza: retract immediately! This is nothing to wish even for your worst enemy. Your sentiments are understandable but this is a mistake that the devil will use against you. And God is not pleased. I, sinner, trust a loving Father bends over us to save us: you, me, and Luis Garza, and possibly even MM.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I forgot about my asterisk:

*how's that for a defense? "Yer Honor, my client couldn't have been in on the conspiracy; it's obvious to the most casual observer that he doesn't know his a%% from a hole in the ground."

Anonymous said...

I believe Garza is a victim of MM evil deeds. He was "cultivated at a young age" as an ECYD member. EXLC would remember that he graduated from Standford top business school with a family's fortune worth billions in US dollar. If he wanted a good life for himself, LC would not have been the place. With the money and his family status, life would have been much better for him elsewhere.

I for my part with 10 years as part of LC would not say Garza is one of my favorite people. However, I do respect what he has given up. I wouldn't have been able to do it unless seriously brainwashed.

At one point or another, we need to distinguish between the victims and the perpetrator.

The perpetrator here is primarily the evil genius, MM. One of my life long dreams is to piss on his grave. Perhaps one day I will make a pilgrimage to Cotija. That day, I will drink as much water and coffee as possible and will hold it all in till the moment of bliss arrives. Peace to All.

Anonymous said...

I think Garza lives and lived quite the priviliged life in the Legion.

Doesn't he still have some control over his family's business?

If I am not mistaken he is chairman of quite a few businesses. I think that a few LC constitutions have been flouted for Garza and that BECAUSE of his wealth he "enjoys" a comfortable LC life.

Which of our superiors were not pampered? We were told and expected to fulfill their very whims.

Anonymous said...

God is not pleased?!? At my comments? Oh that's rich. Trust me I think God has bigger fish to fry than worry about my anger vented on an internet blog...

Besides I don't need to wish anything on Garza. He invited those demons into his life. I just pointed it out.

Corcuera became the doe-eyed pseudo mystic. Garza became an angry micromanager. They all took on various psychosis and manias as a result of their evil complicity. Out out damn spot...

I have no sympathy. No pity. Just pure anger. Whether or not that displeases God is between me and Him. But last I saw I only wrote words. Maciel, Garza, Corcuera ruined lives and destroyed souls.

Better that get that millstone ready, boys. The Tiber isn't too far from Via Aurelia 677.

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