Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Heart of the Matter, yet again

From 'and sometimes tea'

"I will freely grant that I have no idea what the journalistic standards of El Mundo are or whether this account can in any way be taken without a very large grain of salt. But the problem is: it has been a year since the world learned that Marciel Maciel was living a double (at least!) life. We still know almost nothing more than that, and while no one needs salacious details or to wallow in the immorality of the tale, it is not at all asking too much to ask to know if there was ever a time when the Legion was not seriously tainted beyond repair by its strong association with this man.

It is my hope that this is exactly what those conducting the apostolic visitation have been asking, with serious diligence and attention to the details (which, whatever they may be, as yet have not appeared in any American media source). A clear pattern, though, is emerging, a pattern of a man who was willing to pass off another's spiritual writings as his own, who was able to create a climate of secrecy so strong that even after his death and disgrace it still surrounds the Legion he founded, and who may well have been engaged in sinful and deceptive behaviors from the earliest days of the Legion. What that pattern will mean to the organization which he not only founded but influenced deeply in ways that may be impossible to measure is not yet clear, but as the pattern is revealed, the picture of the Legion's future--if any--will begin to be seen with the utmost clarity."


Who dat saints said...

Mr LC,
With regard to your comment

> it is not at all asking too much to ask to know if there was ever a time when the Legion was not seriously tainted beyond repair by its strong association with this man.

Well, I think you been spendin' way too much on the wikapedia or sumthin'

Just look at that Audi commercial during that awesome SB 44 game where the music group Cheap Trick rerecorded the classic "Dream Police" for the "Green Police". Yeah Yeah I know that Audi's are "throw away cars" after 50k and they edged out Mercedes Benz for being the worst polluters in Europe - get with it man and smell the wind. We associated with that zealot punk who bought in to driving that throw away Nazi-esque crap - throw him and his Legion away. LIfe is beautiful enough.
Just go to AUDI.COM and download for FREE the MP3 "Green Police". You'l luv it. Pax

Anonymous said...

I was a second grande memeber of RC for years and still keep in touch touch with people that are members. And it hurts to see their attitude: it seems like they feel very proud of the Movement just the way it is, with no need of a change. As if nothing had happened. Nothing can be done and no lesson will be learnt with this behavior. And I don't know why, but I can't just forget I was a memeber. I had great times and my Faith became stronger, but there was alway this feeling that something bad was going on.
Last summer, a big reunion of former and actual members took part. We all needed to talk about the whole story with MM. It was somehow healing and had a very open debate. And I was happy to see that, of that group of friends, the ones that I had always felt closer to, were no longer RC members. Our paths had got together years ago in RC and somehow met again outside it. But we all keep our Faith, a much sincere Faith, with no other interest than to love and be loved by Our Lord and our brothers and sisters. At least this is what we try to do.