Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spain and the Legion of Doom

Getting POLITICAL in Spain

"During the last decade, the involvement of the Catholic Church in politic affairs, through special groups such as Opus Dei or the Legion of Christ, especially personated through important politicians in the Partido Popular, has been recovered. Old and new media, which are property of the Church, such as the COPE radio station, have also contributed to this new involvement in politics. The Church is no longer seen as a neutral and independent institution in political affairs and it is generally aligned with the opinion and politics of the Partido Popular. This implication has had, as a consequence, a renewed criticism from important sectors of the population (especially left-wing voters) against the Church and the way in which it is economically sustained by the State."

The last few times did not go so well...


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Anonymous said...


the Legion of Christ in the USA is clearly a very right wing organization and aligned with the desperate attempt to block Barack Obama. The Legion and its Lay Branch, Regnum Christi, or Fifth Column to penetrate dioceses, has been unable or unwilling to detach from the Right Wing Fanatics.

The one issue only -Abortion- Catholics have failed to prevent the inevitable; the majority of Americans voted for change, rising above the inhouse politics of Extremist Rebublicans and Catholics, or should I say, of Catholic Republicans or Republican Catholics. Anywho, the brainless Bush possee was voted out. Good riddance!