Monday, November 17, 2008

Catching up. Pardon the malaise.

New Sweepstakes. Don't they ever stop gambling?
Just got the New Year's Day Sweepstakes tickets. Two drawings on Feast Days of the Virgin Mary. How sweet.

Quote from The Saint of the Edit:
"I went to The Highlands School in Irving. It was run by the Legionaries of Christ, and so was super Catholic. Sometimes a little bit too much Catholic, which was something tha I thought I would never experience."

Coty, think before you leap!
"I know I am called to Holy Living, without exception the legionaries of Christ, and the Brothers Of Don Bosco, and the Brothers Of The Good Shepherd are all looking forward to seeing me succeed for 7 years and thats with the Brothers Of The Good Shepherd. They say at 25 I have more then chances to become a Deacon.
I ask for special Favors from my Blessed Mother Mary, for the favor of Holy Priest Hood, and for her to speak with the Father in Heaven, and to ask him for special Grant to enter into Holy Living without Compromise."

Exlc finds vocation outside of the Legion of Christ.
Scroll down to James S.

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