Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Campaign Dinner?

Too bad the date has passed. A grand GALA at the Waldorf Astoria to support the Millionaires of Christ. A fitting post script: the Legion of Christ priest who started this annual fundraiser/elbow rubber, Fr. W.S., has left the Legion.

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Anonymous said...

Would that be William Slattery?

Anonymous said...

Author of The Promise
Fox News Analyst


D. Henry & Josephine Baker of Dallas, Texas


Dr. Edward Mulholland, Ph. D.
Department Chair: Catholic Formation &
Classical Languages
Pinecrest Academy, Cumming GA

What a disaster. The strategy for an event like this is honor someone you know who is very wealthy but hasn't given as much in the past as you would like, so at the same time you get someone (like Mel Gibson or a CEO or something) big to honor (and who doesn't like being honored?), and he does all your work filling tables at the levels they lay out, and your fundraisers work the event to get to know all these peoples.

So when they get Henry Baker, who has been with them a long long time, and is no fool, it probably means that the big important person backed out or they went down the list and number 5, 6, 7, 8 all said no...

with a down market, and the headline speakers and guests all internal, this is a very bad sign for them.

same old same old show up, Federated Investors (Donahue family), Carlyle group (still after former IBM CEO Lou) - hey, didn't I hear something about hedge funds recently? hmm, what was it... Oh yeah, they helped blow up the economy, something like that, with 40 to 1 leverage.

Where are the Abbott labs folks? Did you press them too hard?

Anonymous said...

Well anyway I'm signing Glenn up for a co-founders table, think you can come up with enough guests to fill it?

What's your visa number again?