Friday, November 7, 2008

Fr. Changobeer Karras is not a Legionary of Christ, at least not anymore

He says on his blog:
"I told my niece that I would visit her once a month. In that regard, at least, I have proven to be a very serious piece of uncle."

This kind of family visit is simply against the norms of the Legion of Christ.
We all know that.
And it would be a weird special permission,
unless the girl is loaded.

What an excellent day for an exorcism, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she is a "vocation possibility" or they are working on getting her to go to an LC school.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Snell has no idea who or what he is.

Anonymous said...

Another question: Does he have an approved 'reading list' and are all his books approved by his superior?