Friday, December 4, 2009

Can a Leopard Change its Spots? It is a Question of Confidence and Credibility

This is a key question that needs some discussion.

Let's face it, the entire Legion debacle is about credibility and confidence: the credibility of the Legion of Christ, and confidence in it, and the credibility of the Catholic Church and confidence in it.

The Legion has no credibility. No need to go into it; it's just a fact that is more evident now then ever. So can we place our confidence in the Legion to change? Can we trust the Legion if the investigation ends with some rule changes, changes of superiors and a stern lecture on how the charism does not depend on the founder, and "you guys have to face the facts about him?" Is this enough? Can we trust the people who have been trained to lie and deceive "for the Kingdom"? Can we trust the people trained to pick and choose the souls they will work to save? Can we trust the structure which covered up for Maciel; his structure; his monster child who looks good by day but is a demon in its actions?

Now that the Church needs more of a credibility boost than ever, are these bishops going to slap the Legion on the wrist, call for impossible reforms, and cover it all up with some theological language which will remain just a bunch of pious words which say all the right things but mean nothing? We have come to expect this from the Catholic Church. They have never learned and it looks like they are not about to start, or will they?

This is the time. This is the one situation which is in their hands. Will they strive to protect the "good of the Church" the "good priests" and let down a whole population? To hell with us who have suffered, as long as they protect their priests. Here is the Church and here is the steeple. Open the doors and see all the priests. (?!)

Landon Cody.


Anonymous said...

My fear is that the bishops will support the old boys club off the bureaucracy in Rome. "Yes the founder had problems, but they are so hoily" - probably just a new leader and a chapter of renewal. Oh, and maybe some really beautiful christmas baskets for the visitors?

Anonymous said...

I have exactly the same fear...

Anonymous said...

By the way, someone, in a discussion on this blog, asked me weather there was some material available in French. It is done, now, on the blog:
I am sorry, Landon, to have taken a name for this blog very similar to yours. It would be great if you could put it in your links.
Thank you.
Phil Connors, aka THE FRENCH

Jeannette said...

Whether the bishops recognize it not, LC/RC is not Catholic. There are lovely wonderful people in LC/RC (so I'm told; I've only met the arrogant gossipy kind) but the teachings are NOT Catholicism.

The LC has no credibility as a Catholic order; that can't be helped. It might survive for a while, as some of the other Gnostic heresies have, but eventually, LC teachings will clash enough with Catholic ones that it will have to die out.

So the bishops need to realize that it's THEIR credibility that's at stake here, what's left of it after 2002.

Anonymous said...

In what sense is the LC heretical? This is a very serious charge.

Except for pseudo-idolatry with regard to Maciel and a semi-pelagian tendency, I see nothing that can be seriously considered un-Catholic.

Jeannette said...

Not allowed to post the specifics, remember? Pretty neat trick, isn't it? Claim there's nothing wrong with the spirituality, and I can't respond because of the lawsuit. But look at Letters 70, 80,and 95-97 in Envoy II. No way is that Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

I believe that is exactly what will happen. The leadership will be swept clean, reforms instituted, etc. but the LC will be allowed to exist. I do not think they will be disbanded.