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Bye, Bye, Love....

La Santa Sede será particularmente dura en el "caso Maciel"
La investigación a la Legión de Cristo concluirá en marzo
No se disolverá la orden, pero sí habrá destituciones

Jesús Bastante, 17 de diciembre de 2009 a las 09:35
Religión Digital

The Holy See Will be Particularly Hard in the "Maciel Case"
The investigation of the Legion of Christ will conclude in March
The order will not be dissolve, but there will be dismissals

Los cinco visitadores nombrados por el Papa para investigar los escándalos acaecidos en la Legión de Cristo finalizarán su misión el próximo mes de marzo, una vez entreguen sus informes definitivos ante la Santa Sede. Así lo confirma el secretario de Estado de Su Santidad, Tarcisio Bertone, en un escrito remitido al director general de la Legión, Álvaro Corcuera.
The five visitors named by the Pope to investigate the scandals which have occurred in the Legion of Christ will finalize their mission next March, once they have handed over their final reports to the Holy See. This was confirmed the Secretary of State of His Holiness, Tarcisio Bertone, in a letter sent to the director general of the Legion, Alvaro Corcuera.

A mediados de ese mes, los cinco prelados designados, Ricardo Watti, obispo de Tepic (México); Charles Chaput, arzobispo de Denver (EEUU); Ricardo EzzatAndrello, arzobispo de concepción (Chile); Giuseppe Versaldi, obispo de Alejandría (Italia) y Ricardo Blázquez, obispo de Bilbao (España), entregarán sus informes al Santo Padre, y terminarán su función.
In the middle of March, the five prelates desinated, Ricardo Watti, Bishop of Tepic (Mexico); Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Denver (USA); Ricardo EzzatAndrello [sic], Bishop of Concepcion (Chile); Guiseppe Versaldi, Bishop of Alejandria (Italy) and Ricardo Blazquez, Bishop of Bilbao (Spain), will give their reports to the Holy Father and finish their mission.

Entonces, será Benedicto XVI el que decidirá el futuro de la orden fundada por Marcial Maciel. En una estrategia de última hora, los actuales responsables de la Legión están tratando de desvincularse por completo de la figura de su fundador, conscientes de que, en la situación actual, el Papa ha declarado "tolerancia cero" con todo lo relacionado con la pederastia y los abusos a menores.
At that time, it will be Benedict XVI who will decide the future of the order founded by Marcial Maciel. In a last minute strategy, the current leaders of the Legion are trying to untie themselves completely from the figure of the founder, knowing that, in the current situation, the Pope has declared a "zero tolerance policy" with respect to pederasty and the abuse of minors.

El "caso Maciel", pues, será tratado con la "máxima dureza" por el Vaticano, según han indicado a RD fuentes romanas, que no quieren que aflore, ni por asomo, un escándalo similar a lo acaecido en la Iglesia de Irlanda.
The "Maciel Case", then, will be treated with "the utmost severity" by the Vatican, as Roman sources have indicated to Religion Digital, who wish to remain nameless, since the similar scandal in the Church in Ireland has reared its head.

El Papa está visiblemente afectado por todo lo que se ha ido conociendo acerca de la vida del fundador de la Legión de Cristo, así como de la responsabilidad no sólo de Maciel, sino de muchos de sus colaboradores, que ahora tratan de evadir su responsabilidad alegando desconocimiento y pidiendo perdón.
The Pope is visibly affected by all that he has come to know about the life of the founder of the Legion of Christ, and not only for what Maciel himself was responsible for, but also many of his colaborators, who are now trying to avoid their responsibility claiming ignorance and asking for pardon.

Todo parece indicar que no habrá disolución de la orden, pero sí una profunda remodelación en sus seminarios -que siguen siendo vivero de vocaciones-, en su estructura organizativa y en los votos que los legionarios hacen en el interior de su congregación. También se espera la destitución de muchos de sus líderes, comenzando muy probablemente por su actual director general, Álvaro Corcuera, a quienes muchos acusan de haber "instigado" el silencio en torno a Maciel durante muchos años.
All indications are that the order will not be dissolved, but there will be a profound reconditioning of its seminaries- which continue to produce vocations-, in its organizational structure and in the vows that the Legionaries take inside of their congregation. Also, the dismissal of its leaders is expected, probably starting with the current director general, Alavro Corcuera, who many accuse of having "instigated" the silence surrounding Maciel for many years.


AIZO said...

Would you be so kind as to cite a source for this?

Anonymous said...

Click on the title link....

Anonymous said...

When it says "dismissal of many of its leaders", what is meant by dismissal? Removal from leadership? I don't know the right way to ask this, but could there be any sort of punishment under canon law?

Anonymous said...

I don't get the issue of Fr. Alvaro being the one who for years "instigated" the silence around MM. He was not in a high ranking position until 2005, before that he was rector in Rome- hence only the seminarians in Rome were under his authority. Perhaps Fr. Luis Garza or Fr. Evaristo Sada might fit that bill, but his "silence" started in 2005 up to present. This makes this report a little doubtful as to its source. I am all for the tough love though....

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but....has the Legion ever admitted publicly or to the LCs or RCs the paternity of the other offspring reported on in the summer? As far as I can see, they have only acknowledged Norma Hilda so far. Are they conducting paternity tests?

Another random question: how did the Legion come by MM's DNA if they only began to suspect MM had a double life after his death?

Anonymous said...

Might have to wait for the movie to get some of those answers. I had an LC priest tell me they knew for sure there was a son even when they made the announcement about the daughter. Have not seen them acknowledge the others but they acknowledged that there is alot more to the story than the original daughter.

Anonymous said...

DNA can be obtained from any of MM's siblings or their children... & don't forget 'relics'!

Anonymous said...

If the Church does not dissolve the Legion of Christ, maybe God will allow civil lawsuits to get the job done.

Anonymous said...

The paternity issues came to light while Maciel was dying. That's when the DNA sample was taken

Anonymous said...

"The paternity issues" came to 'light' YEARS before the monster was dying -that's why the leadership is in such a mess.

Anonymous said...


Published by: Aaron Loughrey
Ireland 12/18/2009 05:48 PM EST

Which is it? "80% of the original book in content and style" is plagiarised or is there only a "slight re-writing"? There's a big difference. The nephew of the original author who was never referenced or mentioned in Maciel's "book" - is deeply upset and insulted about all of this. Marcial Maciel stole the beautiful spiritual texts of a spanish poet for the sole purpose of making him - maciel - appear to be what he was not nor never - holy, spiritual, a believer in god. We all believed he was truly a living saint because of these texts - we meditated on them so many mornings. Now i understand more why the Legion's spirituality was to be kept under lock and key in their centres. Who has seen Maciel pray his breviary? Why was his private altar set for mass each morning when it was never used? Why did he not know how to say Mass without someone pointing out what he had to read from the missal? This man was a fraud, a thief, a crook and he deceived the catholic church, deceived many popes and truly ripped apart the hearts and lives of many, many trusting young men, families and faithful. I cannot for one moment believe that he even believed in a god other than himself.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with your passion, Aaron, but - the average LC or RC would say "so what? What does this have to do with me and my pursuit of the Kingdom?" They would say "I have received SO MUCH GOOD. I have not personally witnessed or experienced MM's deceit's so I cannot acknowledge it." They say "I am waiting for the Legion to tell me what to think about this."

What can you, a thinking, moral, Catholic man do but pray?

Aaron Loughrey said...

Anonymous I agree with you and understand completely that current LC/RC will put on their indifferent face.

It scares me that the formation - or mind-set - of these people is an imitation of the mindset of Maciel himself. The mechanisms he used to protect himself from discovery are used by the same LC/RC.

I think, though, I was directing my words to the nonRC/LC readers in the catholic news agency - it has no excuse to publish the false idea that there was a slight re-writing when it contradicts itself later saying that 80% was stolen.

I wonder if the remaining 20% is a technicality such as a foreward, index etc

The family of Lucia Lucia - with whom I have corresponded - also are really deeply distraught by this theft.

Beyond praying? If there is one thing I have learnt from the Legion it is this: If I don't do it nobody else will.

Prayers did not remove my LC abuser from his LC protected position as director of a school in Medellin, Colombia.

I can't wait for someone else to do what I can.

Fr. James Farfaglia said...

It would be a good idea to reveal the author/source of this article in order to give it more credibility. However, the thesis that the article asserts is true. If the Holy Father is going to allow the Congregation to continue, his canonical action must be severe in order to bring about the necessary the reforms that the Congregation needs. Top priority would be the removal of Frs. Corcuera, Garza and Sada. Corcuera is not the only one who created the atmosphere of silence around Maciel. The Holy See would then appoint someone within the Congregation or even a small team of religious from another Order or even a Bishop to implement the surgergy that is needed in other aspects of the Congregation for it to be what it is supposed to be. Once the surgery is over with, the Congregation could have an extraordinary General Chapter and elect new leaders with the stipulation that no one from the "old regime" can be elected. LCs and RCs that continually excuse the actions of the Founder and other LCs do no good to the organization. There continual blindness will only bring about the colapse of the Legionaries of Christ which would be a terrible loss. Reform is possible if the present Pontiff is tough and if LCs and Rcs are honest. At the same time reform in the Vatican and the episcopacy are crucial. Some corrupt eccesliastics had to be protecting Maciel and the LC. Benedict will have to be a surgeon here. If he does nothing, his action will be a greater scandal than the scandal that has already taken place.
-Fr. James Farfaglia - former Legionary of Christ

Aaron said...

Fr. James - the details about the article are at the top of it:

Jesús Bastante, 17 de diciembre de 2009 a las 09:35
Religión Digital

Religion Digital is an online news bouletin.

Perhaps you could write to the author about his sources?

Anonymous said...

Fr. James, I'm afraid many, many Catholics will tell you that it would not be a "terrible loss", on the contrary... Sorry to disagree.

Anonymous said...

I have word that Cardinal Bertone has indeed sent the Legionaries an official letter, the contents of which I have not seen, but that touches on some of the matter in the article. I cannot say more except to praise Jesus Christ for his justice that no doubt on account of our sins has been slow in coming. May He always be praised! Amen!

Anonymous said...

Fr. Edmond,
Where have you been? Great to hear from you.
A question- is the letter from Cardinal Bertone going to be released to all LCs within the month or is it just for the LC high command?

Claire said...

This talk of so-and-so and so-and-so in the LC/RC "heierarchy" getting the ax is tiresome.

LC/RC -- the entire movement and not just the leaders -- although I am sure they are among the worst -- is a scandalous fraud and should have been disbanded long, long ago -- decades ago.

And no, Father James, the collapse of LC/RC, far from being "a terrible loss" would be a great act of justice and hope.

Anonymous said...

Alvaro is a bitch
Garza is a prick
Sada is a liar
Mateos is a snob
Esquivel is a moron
Devlan is a drunk
Moreno is an accomplice
Clancy is a fuck
Meade is a whimp
Reilly is a tool

I've got nothing else to add. LCs if you hear Santa's sleigh on the roof try to hop on board and get the fuck out before the legion monster sucks out your brain.

And I hope MM enjoys his 2nd Christmas in hell.
-9 years of lies

(remember me kiddie???)

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I've taken a leave of absence from the LCs. Here I am in the USofA with the folks, unwinding and debriefing, mission accomplished: I have personally reported to Versaldi things that I am sure he found intensely interesting, above all the nonchalant, routine abuse of the internal and external forums and the abuse of psychology to control the persons of their charges even by distorting their self-concepts. Not content to control "reality", Maciel needed to reach into the psyche to control the insides of the person. But now, I am at peace because I know that MM's minions will not be able to continue hurting people this way, for their days are numbered. Of course, I still have email addresses to LCs in Europe and elsewhere and keep in touch... ER
Hey, Nine-years: do ya think there's hope for me?

Anonymous said...

You are doing great. Thank you for your honesty and service to the Church. I will pray a good Bishop and some solid clergy will take you in and help you to transition to a parish, becoming holy pastor of souls.
One thing would be helpful is perhaps to translate the Valkyrie letter (for RC) and send it to as many LCs/RCs as possible, or the Cassandra Jone's history at least. Anything that will get more LCs asking questions the better..

Anonymous said...

ER, I am so happy for you. I pray you have a beautiful Christmas with your loved ones, and I share the sentiments of the above message, praying for your transition, hopefully and by God's grace to a new role as a priest, truly free to live God's will for your life.

Your message has truly made my day!


Anonymous said...

Dear ER,

May you have a blessing-filled Christmas with your family. How wonderful to be able to be yourself at home with your loved ones!

I will pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the Catholic Church

Anonymous said...

Let's pray and set our hearts and minds ready to listen and obey what Church will determine for LC & RC's future.