Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bloody Hell! We knew that. And they called us liars.

Legión de Cristo da a conocer a sus miembros plagio de P. Maciel en libro espiritual
Legion of Christ announces to members the plagiarism of Maciel in spiritual book

REDACCIÓN CENTRAL, 11 Dic. 09 / 07:56 pm (ACI)En un esfuerzo por distanciarse de las inconductas de su fundador, la Legión de Cristo circuló recientemente un memorándum interno en el que explica que un libro espiritual atribuido al P. Marcial Maciel, es en realidad un texto originalmente producido por un poco conocido autor español.

December 11, 2009: In an effort to distance themselves from the improper conduct of their founder, the Legion of Christ circulated recently an internal memo in which they explain that the spiritual book attributed to Fr. Marcial Maciel, is in reality a text originally produced by a little known Spanish author.

"El Salterio de mis días", según la tradición de los legionarios, se consideraba como un escrito del periodo de "gran bendición" (1956-1959), cuando el P. Maciel fue sometido a un proceso canónico en el Vaticano del que finalmente fue exonerado.

The Psalter of My Days, according to Legionary tradition, was considered a writing of the Great Blessing (1956-1959), when Fr. Maciel was submitted to a cannonical process in the Vatican and was in the end exonerated.

El memorándum interno revela que el texto, muy popular entre la Legión en su original en español y parcialmente traducido al inglés para el uso interno, está "basado" en el pequeño trabajo de un político católico español, Luis Lucía.

The internal memo reveals that the text, very popular within the Legion in its original Spanish and partially translated into English for internal use, is "based" on the short wor of a Spanish Catholic politician, Luis Lucia.

En el libro titulado "El Salterio de mis horas", Lucía escribió sus experiencias durante la persecución del gobierno comunista durante la Guerra Civil Española (1936-1939) y durante el gobierno nacionalista de Francisco Franco, quien lo condenó a muerte pero luego cambió su pena a cadena perpetua.

In the book entitled "The Psalter of My Hours", Lucia wrote of his experiences during the communist government persecution during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and during the nationalist government of Francisco Franco, who condemned him to death, but later changed that judgement into life in prison.

Se cree que Lucía, escritor de distintos libros políticos y espirituales, habría escrito "El Salterio de mis horas" en los años ‘30s. Fue liberado de la prisión en la que estaba encarcelado en 1941 y murió en Valencia en 1943.

It is thought that Lucia, writer of varios political and spiritual books, wrote "The Psalter of My Hours" in the 1930s. He was liberated from prison in 1941 and died in Valencia in 1943.

Tras haber estado en el olvido, "El Salterio de mis horas" fue publicado en Valencia en 1956. Esta sería la edición que el P. Marcial Maciel habría leído en España.

After having been forgotten, the book, "The Psalter of My Hours" was published in Valencia in 1956. This would be the edition that Fr. Marcial Maciel would have read in Spain.

Pese a que el memorándum interno de la Legión de Cristo no describe la copia del P. Maciel como "plagio", un miembro español de los legionarios declaró a Catholic News Agency que la versión del fundador reproduce "el 80 por ciento del libro original en contenido y estilo".

Even though the internal memo of the Legion of Christ does not describe the copying by Fr. Maciel as plagiarism, a Spanish member of the Legionaries told Catholic New Agency that the version that the founder reproduces "80% of the original book in content and style".


Anonymous said...

Here's what bugs me about that.

The Legion issues a teeny statement, then shrugs and carries on. There is NEVER any big meeting in which the Legion speaks to all LCs and also to all RCs. Why don't they have a serious communication campaign to ALL who have been drawn in by lies and deceptions, whether by the founder or by others, and set the record straight.

1. Set the record straight on the life MM ACTUALLY lived.

2. Set the record straight regarding the abuse victims who were branded liars. These men did not deserve to be revictimized. They were NEVER enemies of the Church or persecutors of MM or the Legion. They were done a terrible disservice by an organization of supposedly holy Catholics. The myth of their villainy ends now.

The LC has to do this, because there are serious committed RCs who will never change their view of these victims until the LCs say so. Sad but true.

3. The Legion needs to set right things that have gone terribly wrong. Admit there are so many suffering souls who have been wounded by the Legion, whether through ill-treatment while in the Legion, the precarious existence of the RC consecrated, critics of the Legion who were shunned and criticized for blowing the whistle on (what turnes out to be true!)Legion abuses.

4. The Legion has to learn about the virtue of humility they are so good at preaching but terrible at living. The bragging letters on their websites, and to RCs, and their constant self-promotion has got to end. It is unseemly for priests. It is incongruous with a life of humility. I don't ever need to hear about how Father Bartunek rubbed shoulders with Mel Gibson, or how much Cardinal Rode loves the Legion, etc.

I know this wil never happen.When the Legion discovers a flaw in its own makeup, it will issue a whisper of a statement, that no one is likely to ever read,then never speak of it again. Businees as usual. Sigh.

Plain Old Catholic said...

Thanks for translating! This is going to make it a little more difficult for those still stubbornly clinging to the "he was a holy man who fell later in life" theory.

Anonymous said...

Anony at 11:15

The priests and the laity with the courage to actually do those things - would be the first ones out the door.
All that remain are the deformed ones who cannot or will not let go of the lies because they need to believe them.

Anonymous said...

I recently learned by a friend who used to be the personal driver and cook of MM, that there was a group of priests in the General Direction, whose job was to answer to the brothers. MM only checked, sometimes very quickly, and signed.

When I think about all those letters I sent to MM, in which I told about my personal difficulties (prayer, chastity, etc.)! My letters was read by other legionary priest (who?).

When I think that I felt honored each time I received a personal letter from the founder, and, of course, I read his letter in the chapel before the Holy Sacrament ...
What a shame.

Anonymous said...

That is so sad...that is what a large corporation would do to continue making money.

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask that if the Legion admitted all, what would be step 2? Dissolution? or Reform? If all the sins are full admitted what would the day after be like?

I say this because it seems many and perhaps most LCs are admitting the founder was a psycho. OK. What's next?

Claire said...

Worth going back to the court and requesting amendment of settlement agreement in light of newly discovered evidence?

Another exLegionary said...

"When I think about all those letters I sent to MM, in which I told about my personal difficulties (prayer, chastity, etc.)!"

How about the GD priests gathered discussing various points you thought were bound by seal of confession, when considering you for an apostolate. Whole levels of awesomeness in the Legion that have never been admitted to, yet.

Anonymous said...

Myself and all my family have never had any problems with the present Legionary Priests and Consecrated on the ground in Dublin. They have all given us wonderful formation for the last 10 years. It is a tragedy about Fr Maciel for all those affected. A Multiple Personality Disorder or Disassociative Identity Disorder (as a direct result of trauma in childbood) cannot be ruled out. Still, we have to live with the extremely difficult results for the victms and the Movement. But we still have vocations. RC Member.

Anonymous said...

"All those affected" include YOU. You have evidently lost al bearing on what is fair, just and sensible.

Anonymous said...

Still have vocations? We'll see in the next 10 years who wants to be part of a group which was founded by a sexaholic pedophile who has the indignity to be one of the biggest farses in the history of the church. All/any of the good the RC/LC has done is now erased by the ammunition this piece of crap has bequeathed to his group.

The Legion & RC was invented to supply MM with $ so he could lead his perverse and demonic lifestyle. Sure there are a lot of good people swept up in it - but that also happened with Nazi Germany. Time to pull the plug and detox - learn to just be a Catholic in your family/parish!

Anonymous said...

Dublin RC - which part of the LC is honest and which is duplitious?

How do you know what is sincere or not?

How can you trust an organisation that was built on and FOR deception?

What does the LC/RC in Dublin give you that you can't get elsewhere without fear of being used or abused? Just because it hasn't happened to you yet doesn't mean that it won't at some stage.

The lovely brothers and fathers of the LC DO NOT CARE about you unless you are of some use to them.

Anonymous said...

going back to Claire,
I wonder will the Legion and its lawyers let Lennon and REGAIN off the hook on account of the blatantly trumped up charges they Legion brought against them

Anonymous said...

Check this out...bad translation but you can get the gist of it.

Anonymous said...

Insufficient response to the reality of MM's plagiarism and the inner circle's collusion in this lie, grant it. But I see here a first effect of the Vatican's investigation into the LC shenanigans. I want and hope to see more truth-telling from the Legionaries, and more transparency, with an eventual removal of the psychotic leadership that cannot discern facts from falsehoods.

Anonymous said...

From "desmontando a marcial maciel" (look it up in google):

Soy uno de los nietos de Luis Lúcia Lúcia, autentico y único escritor del Salterio de mis HORAS.
Nos acabamos de enterar del plagio de ese hombre impersonal, pues no fué capaz ni de cambiar el nombre que mi abuelo puso a uno de sus libros.
Ya que ningún miembro de mi familia es de los legionarios, somos capaces de conseguir una copia de dicho libro, dado lo cerrado que es ese circulo legionario, si alguno de Uds. fuera tan amable de enviarmelo escaneado por correo electronico, los descendientes de mi abuelo se lo agradeceriamos enormemente.
Reciban un cordial saludo,
Rafael Faci Lúcia

Anonymous said...

"Psalter of my Hours, hmmmm, let's see, how can I reword that and call it my own?"

(smell the wood burning as he strains to think up new words....)

"Aha! I know! Psalter of my Days! That's WAAAAAY different!"