Monday, June 22, 2009

Yuk Yuks (or should it be yuck yucks?) from a Reader: Help LC and RC Survive Bankruptcy

Dear ____________,

First off, I’d like to thank you for being a Regnum Christi member. Your current and future support means a lot to us. Given all of the recent media coverage about the Legion of Christ, I am writing you today to address some questions you may have, and to assure you that we are here to stay and ready to serve you.

As you may know, The Legion of Christ is using an expedited, Vatican-supervised process to accelerate the reinvention of our spirituality (but not our charism which, as you know, is guaranteed). At the core of that reinvention is a commitment that we will put our members first in all that we do – starting with great apostolate, integration and growth, and the best integral formation experience possible. We want to earn your trust in several ways, including:

Your Regnum Christi Sections - They are very much open for business and ready to meet your integration and formation needs. And even though we are seeking to consolidate FAMILIA, have just announced the closing of Gateway Academy High School, and have decided to eventually phase out the Westchester Institute, those particular sections also remain open and ready for something to do. The bottom line is service for your spiritual formation will always be available through authorized RC integration and formation methods by LC-trained Catholic experts, with Genuine LC Spin on hand.

Your Next RC Apostolate - At this, the most important moment in the history of our charism, our dedication to high-quality, efficacious and treasures-in-Heaven-value apostolic projects has never been greater. Take on a new (or yet another) LC/RC apostolate, and we stand behind it with a Vatican-backed[1], comprehensive Time or Eternity Limited Warranty[2]. Combined with Hacer-Hacer Assistance and Personal Attention Programs, it is the Best Coverage in the Church. As I said before, our RC sections are very much open for business, and bishops and cardinals are quietly cheering us on and continue to offer some of the best off-the record support available to all qualified members (i.e. those of you who believe what we are telling you). To find information about RC apostolates in your area please just ask your section assistant as he/she will have a long list of exciting ways you could be serving the Church by bringing others to Regnum Christi.

Your Legion of Christ – For over 65 years, LC has fueled the Church’s passion for Authentic Priests. Propelled by the spirit and commitment of our people, we will become the New LC, an organization that makes the Church proud, and one that can compete successfully with any other Catholic order in the world. All of us at the Legion of Christ are confident that we will emerge a leaner, stronger organization for you, offering the most compellingly identical priests and brothers possible from our remaining brands (I mean apostolates and houses of formation). I invite you to stay up to date on our promising new future by visiting or just ask your section assistant as he/she will have a long list of exciting ways we are serving the Church by bringing others to Regnum Christi.

As I said at the outset, we are genuinely grateful for your support, and we hope that you’ll stay with us. If you are considering joining another Catholic organization, please review the enclosed information as our way of saying “Thank You” for your ongoing support.


LC Territorial Director
Vice Groupie of the Hierarchy
LC América del Norte

Enclosure – Member Appreciation Certificate (redeem for one full year’s waiver of member dues. Not valid for dues already paid or for 2nd and 3rd degree members)

[1] Vatican-backed warranty for LC apostolates begun prior to February 2009. Please note that the Holy Father still loves us.

[2] Whichever comes first. If confused, see your RC spiritual guide for details. Excludes former or inactive members.


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