Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No More Gateway Academy High

Rumors have reached this blogger that Gateway Academy in Chesterfield, MO will be closing its high school's doors very soon. Expect a visitor tomorrow to break the news. Stay tuned.

Is this the beginning of the end of Legion of Christ institutions as parents want their kids away from this group? Don't despair, kids, there are better places to be.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they had too many spellings and grammatical errors on their web page to be allowed to survive?

"Our academic program in part of our Integral Formation method of education."

Talk about academic formation...

Anonymous said...

Father Reilly's stunning lack of candor told me all I needed to know about these birds. Executive Director Denise Cress got around to blaming the parents for not giving enough money!
Got a deficit? How about selling some of the many unused acres on Wildhorse creek road?
These selfish buffoons have brutalized scores of kids who are now scrambling for admission to other institutions and contemplating life without the friends they have grown up with.
The Legion should be done in St. Louis, but they won't give up those assets without a death struggle.

Anonymous said...

Unless they sell the 33 acres of prime real estate that was DONATED to them by the founding board. It is worth way more than the 7 million dollar debt they have agreed to maintain

Anonymous said...

I know I am a little late with the comment, but I feel that this is not a dead subject, especially among us (the students)
I attended Gateway Academy from Kinder through 9th grade when we were unwillingly forced to leave because of a scandal that had been publicized. I've heard a lot of accusations about the school and the teachers; brainwashing, sexual encounters and beating? Wow! I'll tell you that still blows me away.
I attended Gateway for 10 years, a whole decade and not once did I run into any of those completely crazy accusations. Yes, Gateway had it's problems but certainly not in the education and discipline areas. I look back at Gateway as the best years of my life, the school I attend now which I have attended for almost a year and a half is complete crap compared to Gateway.
The reason Gateway was subject to 2 Million dollars in debt (certainly not 7) was because their strive for educational excellence. Not many people look for a school that is challenging, which is why most people passed Gateway.
As a student, I would give literally anything to have the chance to go to Gateway again.