Sunday, May 24, 2009

More on Gateway and the Legion of Christ

This is from a parent who was present at the announcement of the closing of the highschool.

It seemed to me that Fr. Reilly was there, talking points in hand, to impersonally announce a fait accomplit. Neither he, nor anyone else on stage, intended to entertain any alternatives, since all suggestions from parents were brushed aside. Father's fantastical characterization of the apostolic visitation revealed that he was either poorly informed about it himself or that he was intentionally misleading the parents as to the import of the process. He told us how happy they all were about the visitation, describing it as if it were to be a friendly chit chat with a bishop and a couple of his friends which would not have any significant consequences, such as a change in leadership or organization.

We have to keep in mind that there are a lot of skeletons on the high school side: brutalized teachers, administrators, students whose stories would be problematic if related to visitators. Perhaps having them all off campus is an attractive idea. One cannot dispute the fact that closing the high school does enhance their financial picture, reflecting fiscal responsibility. If their finances come under scrutiny, they will need to be sound, lest they lose their foothold in St. Louis. To this end, there are 33 acres there (mostly unused) very valuable real estate. This move also allows the option of selling off US assets to fund post visitation reformation elsewhere.

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