Thursday, May 14, 2009

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Anonymous said...
A source within the Legion has confirmed that 23 Legionary Priests are about to separate from the Legion to form a new relgious group. 15 of the Priests are Amercians. Fr. Alvaro [Corcuera] has asked them not to take any action until the Vatican publishes its findings. The Legion is not answering questions on the subject, but one of the 23 priests has leaked the departure of the group.

May 14, 2009 1:44 PM


Anonymous said...

I don't see how this could work:
1) Are they simply wanting to become the superior themselves?
2) What 'charism' and 'inspiration' would it be? More of the same?
3) What makes these men in any way, shape, or form 'qualified' to found a congregation?
4) Who is going to pay for this? How will they raise money?

NONE of the Legionaries has lived genuine religious life, just a CRAZY (at best) caricature. At worse - a genuine mind-messing CULT. All of them need to be sent home for long term psychological therapy, not permitted to 'roll the dice' and start another group.

Anonymous said...

Most LC's joined with good intentions. They are probably just getting back in touch with their heart, with those good intentions and throwing off the shackles they were invited to place on themselves.

God bless them, I wish them all the best.

Of course they face the same challenges other foundations (real ones I mean) face.

Fr Alvaro is so funny, maybe he should go walk with the Xanax Jesus again and ask him what to do, lol.

Anonymous said...

This decision seems sudden. Wouldn't it be for the best if they took plenty of time to reflect on their LC past (with the help of therapists) and pray about their future direction (with the help of non-LC priests)?

I don't want an 'out of the frying pan, into the fire' scenario for these men.

Anonymous said...

When those priests do leave, they really should take a breather, as mentioned above. I left the Legion 4 years ago and was still thinking along the party line until the news came out this February. I am very skeptical that even after leaving the LC, they would quickly be ready to found some new congregation. It takes time to sort out your thoughts and what you yourself think about things as opposed to what you were told to think about things in the Legion.

They will have to figure out what their own opinions are on many important topics. The Legion tells you what her stance is on everything and that becomes your opinion to. To dissent from this is to rebel against your God given vocation from all eternity, according to the Legion. Once outside, they need time to sort through the years and decades they spent assimilating the LC mindset on everything from theology to hairstyle.