Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Comment on Gateway

From stltoday.com

I agree with those warning everyone of the problems with Gateway Academy. Doing any research on Fr. Maciel and the Legionaries of Christ will yield much controversy. If one looks at the way the Legionaries do business, they find a group of orthodox Catholics and manipulate them into giving the Legion money and their children through their apostolates. Their apostolates are often hijacked from people that have worked hard to get them up and running. The FAMILIA apostolate is an example of this; and Gateway is also an example of this. Gateway was formed by good Catholics looking to make a school that was orthodox and would preserve the Catholic faith. When the Legionaries hopped on board, things began to change

The Legion may have many decent people affiliated with it; there is no doubt about that….but that does not mean the organization is good. The organization uses Catholicism to its own ends. Fr. Maciel used orthodoxy to his own ends.

To the comment on referring to the pope for an answer on the Legion….this is getting kind of old. The Pope did act in 2006, but the Legionaries manipulated what the RC members understood by the communique. The communique was not anything but punitive. Research what the communique means. Do not just follow what the Legionaries tell you the communique meant. The Legionaries were lied to by their superiors and the lay movement was lied to. I am so sick of people thinking the Legionaries are “transparent”. Pope Benedict also took away the 4th vow that the Legionaries make……it is silly to keep saying refer to the Pope. And is it not Pope Benedict that is mandating the apostolic visitations? He is not duped by the glitz and glam of the Legionaries.

It is true that many people may have been served well by Gway. The people are good there…there are wonderful teachers there. But that does not take away the fact that the Legionaries are filled with duplicity. If you serve the Legionaries and their ends, then you are blessed by them. If you question their methodology or them, then you are an “enemy” of the Legion or the school and you are not in God’s will.

A final point about Gway in particular: We began in the school in ‘99 and left a few years ago before the Maciel scandal hit. Even before the Maciel scandal came out, this school had so many ups and downs and so many changes in staff, I often wondered how it could be healthy for them to have total upper school changes every few years. There was two major turnovers in teachers during our time there….does that not make anyone pause for reflection?????!!!! I now see that the reason why was because these teachers and staff must have not been on board with the LC/RC mission…therefore, they were not useful to the LC’s, and thus, they had to be cut off.

— former GA parent 2
6:02 am May 26th, 2009


Anonymous said...

Very accurate in my opinion. Sadly, there seems to be a significant number of people who don't see this at all, don't see that they have been manipulated and betrayed, don't even question. It is so disturbing it almost makes me ill.

Anon in STL

Anonymous said...

And the same story repeated over and over - in Atlanta, in Louisiana, at Dallas, over and over it goes.

The ideal teacher for the Legion is one who has all the credentials and licenses so they can brag how good it is, but then with a character of a marshmallow who will not stand up for anything, even their own field.

The Legion constantly wants to do whatever it wants to do, regardless of the good of the children or its employees because, at root, the only thing that is important to the Legion is ... vocations to the Legion and money to fund general operations.

Unfortunately for the Legion, the only people who achieve these licenses are people who believe strongly in their mission of teaching; when the Legion tries to interfere with that, they leave (or are forced out).

How many times have we seen this play out in LC schools?

So now those 21 teachers are SOL, but they can substitute at local schools I guess. Oh well, but at least we are saving the Legion their salaries, right?

And the families? Good luck getting in to a local school now that deadlines are past.

Great job Legion on another cluster.

Anonymous said...

All i have to say is....GOOGLE


They have a school called the "Paul Murphy Academy" in Phoenix....