Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Take the Therapy Tour!

Take the Tour For CellAdam!
Cost: $1,850.00 (does not include airline tickets, lunches, any medical care other than one consultation or any other options) If it is necessary to receive the Celladam therapy, the cost of one month supplies, depending on the recommended Protocol will cost from $290.00 to $510.00.
Upgrades available. Magnetic Immune Therapy, too.

Exlcblogger is havng a hard time absorbing all of this: pills, drops, creams, magnets, shrines, Virgin Marys (what's next, Papal leeches?)

There is a business scheme (a page which has been restricted to "members only" a couple of days ago) which might explain why the Legion of Christ is promoting this garbage.
Follow the money.

Giving false hope to make money...
What a freaking crock!

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Anonymous said...

where can I sign up?
Doctor Kevorkian recommended it!