Friday, January 2, 2009


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Ryan said,
January 1, 2009 @ 4:19

You can find extremist and reasonable people in any religion or belief Extremist is not an adjective related to the religion "per se" nor a to a specific religion (excluding may be some extreme sects). It is more often related to single believers or groups of believers who are integrists and believe that not only they represent the hypothetical "only truth" but also that they need to impose it to others or tho destroy them. The extremist will never have doubts nor will accept the existence of different beliefs..In this you have typical examples in Christian history and many contemporary ones (just read some "Christian" messages in this thread of YA) Evangelical russians in Sacramento like the one who killed a man because he was gay, are Christian extremists. Watchman on the Wall, KKK, Lambs of Christ, Christian Patriots, Arian Nations are Christian extremist at least, probably Christian terrorists. Christian Identity, Pineas Priests, CSA of the Lord, are for sure extremists.Pastor Fischer of Jesus camps, the British "Evangelical Alliance", the Italian and South American Legion of Christ, Pat Robertson, Christian Broadcasting Network, The American Center of Law and Justice are other examples. Hinduism extremism has reinforced in the last few years, up to reach almost a majority in Indian Parliament. Hindu extremist movements are united in the so called Sangh Parivar. Islamic extremism, like Christian extremism, may vary from violent forms and terrorism (Islamic Jihad, Al Qaida and many others) to non violent mysticism (Sufi, M'zhab). You forgot many other main religions (there are extremists in anyone of them)

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