Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh My, Fr. Karras!

Friday, January 30, 2009

requiem for a dream
One year ago today the Founder of the Legion of Christ, our Founder – Nuestro Padre – passed away. Instead of recalling with pride and nostalgia my thirty year participation in the foundation in privileged close company of the Founder, I find myself nearly disconsolate. Outrage, grief, a deep unutterable feeling of betrayal and deception have been growing in my soul for nearly six months as bits and pieces of the truth have painfully been made known to me.

Up until very recently I defended Fr. Maciel in public and private, knowing that the very essence of my identity as a Legionary priest depended on it. Now there is nothing to defend. It has all collapsed, and with it, a lifetime of enthusiastic commitment and high idealism.

I sit here humbled and heartsick with one earnest plea for the present leadership of the Legion: please, do the right thing. For the love of God and in honor of the hundreds of men, like yourselves, that have given their lives to the Congregation, bearing the burden of a fidelity that our Founder demanded of us but was unable himself to deliver: do what is right.

Put the truth first. You owe it to us all. Tell us the whole story, tell us what our options are now and set about the reform of the Legion.

The Legion must go forward, purged of the toxins released into its bloodstream by years of machiavellian duplicity, and recreate itself solely on the merits of its works.

No more spin, no more platitudes, no more intimidation to keep the Legion’s men from thinking, questioning, seeking the truth. Step aside if need be and allow others – with clear motives and fresh eyes – to save all that is good in the Congregation and dissipate once and for all the inner culture of deceit and control. A canonical visitation conducted in rigorous transparency might yet save the Legion of Christ.

I am amazed and grateful to God that so much good has and continues to be done by a religious order that has venerated and nourished its spirit from a Founder now discovered to be the antithesis of the very spirituality and discipline he imparted to us while so brazenly and artfully occulting his other life from us.

So please, do not pretend that this is not devastating to all of us. Do not act like nothing has happened and that nothing should change. Have the basic decency to come clean with your own men and trust them enough to help you take the Legion to where it must go from here. Full disclosure is the only option. You’ve tried everything else, now, finally now, give truth a chance. You may be pleasantly surprised by the strength, resiliency and commitment of us all.

May God continue to guide us, in spite of ourselves. Peace.

Something must be up!


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Fr. Karras. The rug has finally been pulled out from under him. Yet it is the ultimate and most important grace - to know the truth. It may be painful, to realize most of one's life has been in service of a lie, but today is the first day of the rest of his life. The TRUTH shall set him free.

Anonymous said...

"You may be pleasantly surprised by the strength, resiliency and commitment of us all."
Cult members usually are, even in the face of the most contradictory information. "You lying sons-of-....,
go to hell. MM was a fraud, you covered for him, the whole thing was a lie, I'm outta here..." is a more human reaction.

Jeannette said...

Sounds like he heard the rumors, too. But really, isn't it an improvement that he was also attracted to adult women?

Anonymous said...

MM liked women? What do you mean?

Anonymous said...

He apparently fathered a child or two. I think it makes him 'worse'. It shows that he manipulated and abused women too, I guess. And probably failed to care for her and his children. I can see the Legion's hand being forced by a woman who wanted some support and being denied by some LC flunkie:
Woman "MM is the father, please give us money"
Br. "No, MM was a saint, therefore you are a scammer - no money for you!"
Later - Fr. "Br., who was that?"
Br. "Just some woman claiming to have had a child with MM. I told her to leave."
Fr. - "Oh shit! Call Fr. Alvaro immediately!!!"

Anonymous said...

So he's an efficacious leader of women too?