Monday, July 14, 2008

I thought that Video had killed the Radio Star...

Apparently not here.

I love the star wars Jesus with the light sabers coming from his heart, as well as his very gay face.


Anonymous said...

Have you really not heard about St. Faustina and the devotion to Divine Mercy? This certainly isn't a Legionary concoction. You'll see this image in a good number of parishes the Sunday after Easter, which JPII instituted as Divine Mercy Sunday.

You should also know that Sister Faustina wept when she was shown this painting, because it did not do justice to the vision of Christ she beheld. But, it's the best representation we have of her vision.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you remove this post. This is very offensive. This is the Divine Mercy image. It is
sacreligious to make fun of it wouldn't make fun of it. Plus then supporters of the Legion will say "See, look those who are against the LC ARE really attacking Our Lord and the Church"

People will discredit the whole site based on this post.

Anonymous said...

This post is bullshit. Are you going to make fun of the Divine Mercy photo?