Thursday, July 24, 2008

I didn't even run out of fingers....

Counting deacon ordinations for the Legion and their projected 50 ordinations for Xmas, I get 3 Americans in Rome, and 2 in Indiana. That is a whopping total of 5. Anyone count more? Aren't these men from the boon years of Legion of Christ US vocations of the mid 90s? Where have all the flowers gone?

Read it all here.

And BTW, why is the Legion only ordaining 50 now for the past few years? What happened to exponential growth? And what of the next few years.

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Anonymous said...

Really Exlcblogger, I must object to your posting a monkey with such human eyes. It implies that we are somehow descended from monkeys, and that's not my culture and heritage. Is that your culture and heritage?

Anonymous said...

Miles Jesu exaggerates their numbers too, they only have about 40 celibate community members, about 7 priests included in that number around the world.