Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goose and Gander???

Well, Exlcblogger, who read the complaint that the Legion filed against certain cretins (Exlcblogger would never associate with them) who had stolen Legion of Christ property, just found a lovely RC member who is posting the same sacred texts online!!!!

Read it for yourself here.

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Anonymous said...

It was the Getting Started Manual that completely turned me off to RC. I joined in 2004, started having doubts in 2006, but it took me a year & that evil book (or maybe it was a good book since I realized the truth)that sent me over the edge against RC in 2007.

I only made it to module 4 before realizing what I got myself into and knew I had to get out. I was amazed at the blindness of my fellow team members. They saw none of the warning signs I did, so I felt like I was crazy.

Anonymous said...

Please elaborate

Anonymous said...

What are these modules you speak of?

Sounds cultish . . .