Sunday, March 23, 2008

What are they saying?

I wonder what this audience was all about. The last time Fr. Corcuera had an audience, he was told of the Vatican orders to annul the private vows. What might it be this time? For the Legion's description of the event, click here. From the Legion's website.


aronski said...

pope looks very serious and asks alvarito to take his hand,
alvaro says: of course your most holy above holy of holinesses - anything to be in step with you, and takes his hand upon which the pope farts with a huge grin on his face. :p irreverent i know... but hey!!

Anonymous said...

Time will only tell, but it looks, again, like the Pope/Vatican is getting A LOT more involved in changing the LC than they want to be known. I think it would be easier and more honest if they just came clean and made a sincere attempt at reforming.

The problem is that their history is built on insincerity.