Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The New DG Building

Below is a shot of the building permit.

This is a short film of a view of the back of the property of the General Direction in Rome from the roof of the Ergife Hotel taken in 2006. It shows the new building that the Legion put up in the vicinity of the old classrooms and soccer field there. The view also shows the back of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the entrance to the now unused tomb for the Founder.
You will notice that the new building is quite large, even when the number of LC's in Rome is falling.

Here is a shot from Google Earth of the property from above. The new building is a the bottom of the picture, showing its size relative to the main building in the center.

Thanks goes to G. for the film and photos.


Anonymous said...

LC numbers are falling sooo...
Ah, yes, I remember the LC mentality.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can't really have Alvaro living in an old building . . . The new bathrooms are more spacious. It's too bad they had to default on their loan to the diocese . . .