Friday, March 28, 2008

LC Culture shock?

An interesting blog entry from Per Christum

What will become of the Legion of Christ? See my request for comments last Sunday here


Anonymous said...

They will either truly reform or die out. They no longer have as many ignorant "suckers" who have no clue what is going on - thanks to REGAIN.

I really wish the Church would simply close them down. Continuing to tolerate a group with such a twisted founder is like continuing to use Jewish lampshades because they are still functional. Sounds harsh, yes, but Maciel was clearly NOT a saint and the Church needs true saints, not more appearances of sanctity, especially not wolves in sheepskins. TRUTH is what should matter, not appearances. Yet that is precisely why Maciel is so focused on the appearances - it worked and apparently still works.

Anonymous said...

Well, the LC is a huge cash cow, and although the best solution may be a radical intervention from the Vatican . . . They are going to play the political game to "help" the LC reform, but try to keep the financial contribution in play.