Saturday, October 17, 2009

Take That, National Chaotic Register!

From a comment on Life-After-RC posted by Steve, in response to the National Catholic Register's proposed makeover announced by the editor and chief, Fr. Owen Kearns, L.C.

Got a solicitation email from Fr. [Owen] Kearns on this last night. My response is below.

Fr. Kearns:

Given the recent ongoing revelations about Fr. MM; about the non-canonical and very tenuous way young girls are drained of their best years and energies and then dismissed without cause from the Consecrated; the stories of malfeasance on the part of Fr. MM and his LC inner circle in supporting multiple previously undisclosed children/consorts; and the remarkable way that some of the Church’s “Best and Brightest” (LCs, of course) not only failed to detect what a monster their founder was, but seem incapable of figuring out that he had confederates who are still in their ranks,

PLEASE TELL ME on what grounds you think the NCR has any room to cast stones at an admittedly chaotic culture overwhelmed by secular aggression and government overreach.

Wouldn’t it be good to work on getting your own house in order first?

I’m not sure if anyone has said this to you lately, but just in terms of common decency, you guys (the LCs) are really stinking up the place.

Fr. Alvarro lets LCs know that he is privately meeting with all of Fr. MM’s victims. Word from folks who know many of the victims is that he hasn’t met with any of the folks that they know.

The Consecrated are still being dismissed w/out explanation, education, Social Security, retirement or any other protections afforded to religious or even to poorly run companies (I have a friend who has a daughter still in the Consecrated—she’s told her dad that girls still disappear w/out explanation…)

And in the midst of a Visitation that might end in dissolution of the order, we’re still supposed to be recruiting at full throttle?

Is this all crazy or what?

In Christ,
(my name, education credentials and status in RegC)

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